Loving pet sitter

This word irks me when owners put in their search. We are looking for a loving pet sitter. You don’t do this for free and spend so much time,effort and everything we give them.
Sorry of ranting. Anybody thinks I am correct.

the word “free*” irks me too. As an owner I think it’s a win/win. You have a “free” home too !!


I want a sitter that truly loves pets not someone who is doing it for the Accommodations which unfortunately some are. I don’t have a problem with the word. Of course it is not free on either side.


So please choose sitters adequately. A lot f us do it because there is nothing more fun than having a cat or dog pillow in your bed. And Crowl with one by the tv or fire any night.
It is free as you say. I can have a hostel bed for $30. Your kennel fee is way more and the dog is lock in a cage.
Sorr it is nothing personal but we give a lot because it is our choice.

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I think each side gives and takes a lot from each other. It is a win win situation when the match works and both sides can have a fun break with no worries.
“Loving” is a word that describes most of us. What word would you rather they use? Adequate?, Expert?, Pratical?. They are all words which describe some of us. But I (personally) think loving is the best description of a sitter.


I have to admit that some comments/posts on this forum leave me feeling like it is a them or us situation which I don’t like… I agree that it is a win win situation from which both parties benefit and I much prefer to feel that HOs and sitters are all just members together… We all know that the written word can easily be misinterpreted as tone and inflection are not involved as they are in the spoken word and it can be especially difficult when not speaking/writing in your native language…


:heartbeat: Yes.

An agreement between two parties that is mutually beneficial.

The personal needs and requirement criteria of either party are at the discretion of the parties involved.

I like to look at it like this is a buffet. Find what you like and leave what you don’t.


I like the word loving in the application. As a sitter, it lets me know that the owners care about their own pets.

I completely agree that this is a symbiotic relationship between Homeowners and Sitters.

Both sides are thrilled with what the other side brings.

Ideally…and my experience as a sitter so far:

Sitters love the opportunity to have loving pets at the home to share their vacation. And we spoil them & love them because that’s why we’re doing this. And we keep the home safe & clean all out of respect for the opportunity the homeowners provide.

Homeowners love that their pets are taken care of by folks who love animals. And they show their appreciation by providing a clean, comfortable home so the sitter can focus on taking care of the pets & exploring the area.

Maybe it’s not always the case, but this is the ideal situation & it’s what I’ve experienced with homeowners to date (and with future confirmed sits…at least the conversation/video pre-sit experience).

I do read listings carefully & put great weight on sitter feedback. Though, my first sit had no reviews & not many interior photos, so I took a chance. It turned out to be ideal. Great dog, clean & comfortable home & lovely owners.


Sometimes that chance has to be taken and it turns out wonderful. Well, that’s our experience.



you are absolutely correct, thank you. We are all members, not owners and sitters, they are terms used to differentiate the use of the platform not the reasons why we are part of this community. We do not exist without one another including the pets, who have no voice and are at the heart of who we are at TrustedHousesitters.