Make sure you read the profile before applying

I see many folks stating they are getting declined for sits, but I can tell you from my experience, many times it is because the sitters are not reading our profile and what we expect from the sitter.

The most important part of our profile states two topics that are non-negotiable. One is that no sitter’s pets can be brought into our home and the other that no children are allowed at our home. This is not to be mean, but just that our furbaby doesn’t do well with other furbabies in her own home. That is her domain and we don’t want to stress her with another animal being brought into the mix. As far as children are concerned, this is for both our baby and children. We don’t know the level of supervision given by sitters if they bring their children, and kids sometimes don’t realize they are bothering pets, who could possibly snap or bite. Our baby has never done anything like that, but why take the chance??

Both of these requirements are listed in our profile and when someone applies and immediately states they would be bringing their “well-behaved” puppy or child, I immediately decline the app…as they obviously didn’t read the profile so how can you expect they will follow any other guidelines.

My suggestion is to always read the entire requirements and make sure this will work for you.


I couldn’t agree more & I’m the THS. The app allows you to filter your searches, I add family friendly so then I don’t even see anything else. Prevents me from making those mistakes.