Sitter profile restrictions

In editing my listing recently I saw there was a new (to me) screening section to specify age limits of kids you are okay with having in your home. So I screened for an older age, ie’ not toddler/preschooler because I don’t want to go through the process of kid proofing my home for hazards such as electrical outlets and cables etc. Well my very first sitter application has a sitter with a one year old. Has anybody had experience of this new screening process working?

I’m not sure about this screening process but there was a thread a while back about a recent change around listing how long dogs could be left alone for and this new category actually ended up just being a data gathering excercise by THS rather than a search or screening function so maybe (probably) this is the same and has no impact in limiting your results or that of the sitter


I think at this point they are asking the questions. Maybe with targetting in the future or maybe with plans for more filters. As far as I know you can’t filter out public listings.

You would probably be better just stating on your listing, that you don’t want sitters with young children.

Hello @Sas it seems that “features” are added but may not be live.

I would go with “not live yet” until there is a mention in a THS newsletter of such updates.
And what @Chrissie mentions.

I too have noticed similar things but they do not seem to be live.

@Sas We find that many prospective sitters do not take the time to read listings thoroughly before applying.

This happens to us every time we post a listing. We’ve already rejected sitters who’ve applied to our currently advertised sit because they have children and our listing clearly states that our sit is not suitable for children.

And I agree with @B1anca in that it’s probably more about THS data-gathering purposes rather than providing a useful search function for sitters or HOs.

I called out explicitly in our welcome section that sitters should read and acknowledge they have read our listing and that helped quite a bit with subsequent applications for us.

@Sas as @Chrissie mentioned, definitely a good shout to simply state your sitter preferences in your listing.

good to know, putting it in the profile is a good idea