Child minding?

I’ve just seen a sit advertised as one pet to look after. In the body of the description the owner has described the sit as one pet and one 15-year old boy in the house while the mother goes away. Surely this isn’t acceptable.

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Hi @Antelope welcome to our community forum and thank you for flagging this listing, I have Direct Messaged you and perhaps you can forward the details to @Therese-MembershipService who will pick this up and connect with the owner.

We appreciate members bringing listings to our notice which may need help or attention and the best way to do this is by Direct Message to either myself, @Vanessa-Admin or @Therese-MembershipService with details, either the listing link or location.

Thank you again and Happy New Year.

Angela and the Team


Not acceptable at all and I wonder why the 15 year old couldn’t look after the pet….


Here is one with a niece living at the house while the sitter will be there: (link removed)

Maybe the section of the THS policy that covers the presence of third parties in the residence needs to be more prominent or explained more plainly, with examples. That, and people who want the sitters to be unpaid caretakers of their rental properties. THS may also want to include some scenarios like these in their introductory info so new HO better understand what is and what isn’t permitted.


Hi @Lassie as Angela has mentioned earlier in this post, forum members are asked to use direct messaging to notify them of listings that require attention. Thanks.

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… also having minors in the house is a safeguarding and possibly and insurance issue. If I owned this website, I would be very much concerned about potential lawsuits if anything went wrong.

Surely that has to be a website owner’s responsibility and should be filtered out at the point where the post is created. Otherwise it is left to chance.


Thank you again @Lassie for flagging this … we’ve passed the listing over to Membership Services for their attention. All the best.

I know that admins want us to DM them but that process is too cumbersome. There needs to be an easier way to flag posts.