Meet up in Dallas, Texas

Let’s meet up for coffee and explore the city of Dallas. :grinning:

I discovered several things to do in Dallas like the JFK Museum, the Katy walking trail, an upcoming festival, a haunted ghost tour and more!

Message back if you’ll between now and May 14th.



I live in Dallas and would love to meet in May. I’m sitting in NYC until April 29.

Great :+1: just message me when you’re back in town. There’s actually an outdoor festival happening the first weekend in May so perfect timing!

What festival is on?

I think it’s called the cottonwood festival.

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Great. That’s usually a good arts festival.

Go to the Dallas Arboretum! It’s fantastic!
Also the aquarium is cool, although some of the habitats are a bit small and I feel sorry for the ocelot :confused:
Was there for the eclipse :smiley:
Have fun.

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The Arboretum is wonderful. I live very near it.

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I have not been to the Arboretum but sounds like something to check out.

I’m back in Dallas and will PM you @Podcaster

Hey Elaine,
Welcome back! I’m in Richardson. Looking forward to this weekend’s cottonwood festival and Sunday there’s a group going to the Arboretum.

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