Membership Services Update


At TrustedHousesitters, we have always prided ourselves on the support our Membership Services team delivers to our loyal members. And so, I’m pleased to announce that we’re investing further in our Membership Support team, and making improvements to our member support functionality.

As our worldwide house sitting community continues to grow, it is important that we invest in our ability to deliver great support to all of our members.

So I’m delighted to let you know that we are taking the following steps:

We’ve increased the size of our team

At the beginning of April we grew our support team by over 50%. That means more dedicated support staff.

We’re investing in our Help Desk

Alongside recruiting a large number of new support staff, we are investing in a new and improved self-help desk functionality.

We know that the majority of queries we receive can be answered quickly without even needing to speak to a support agent. By investing in our help desk technology, we are confident that we can give more members the information they need at the press of a button, freeing up our support team to help with the more pressing or urgent queries.

We’re introducing a 24/7 Urgent Support Line

As our community grows, it’s important that our members can receive the right support, at the right time. By improving our self-help desk technology, and supporting our members via dedicated live chat and email, we’ll be able to help more of you in a more timely manner.

Rest assured, you’ll still be able to talk to someone if you need to contact us for urgent support. An example of this may be a sitter who has arrived at a house sit and cannot gain access to the property or an owner whose sitter hasn’t arrived as planned.

In these types of instances, we will have a dedicated team, ready to support you over the phone. Details of the urgent support line will be added to every member’s dashboard.

When is all of this happening?

Our new team members are already trained and ready to support you.

We aim to launch our urgent support line and help desk improvements no later than the 15th May 2023, and will continue to monitor the level of support we are offering and continually grow our team and optimise our technology to ensure we are here to help when needed. We’ll be sharing this update with the wider community via our blog, and in this month’s Trusted Times newsletter (going out this Friday).

Many thanks