Messaging & Applications

My idea would be for the site to suggest a minimum of 5 photos of where pet sitters will sleep not just 20 pics of the pet.

Improvements I want to see
Allow the option that a HO can accept 10 or 5 applications, let it be their choice because the first 5 might not be the best fit.

Top frustration

  1. Put town or beginning of post code in location section, there are similar named areas in the UK especially
  2. An option that lists you will leave space in wardrobe or drawers ; living out of a case for more than 4 days becomes cumbersome .
  3. When sitting as a family for longer than a few days, a little freezer space would be nice.
  4. In addition to dates of the sit approximate times they want you to arrive and leave would be helpful E.g. If they had an early flight they may want you there the night before or early in the morning and if one couldn’t do those times it would save applying
  5. A specific section on medication and number of walks and how long pet can be left alone, for E.g. A dog that requires 3 walks, wee and poo runs and cannot be left for long than 2 or so hours leaves absolutely no time to explore the area, check out a restaurant, museum etc
  6. Welcome guides should be completed and ready to be submitted automatically a week before a sit, it should not be the pet sitter chasing for it.
  7. Not happened to me (yet) but if cameras are in the house, please specify
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