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@Cleeflang, I completely sympathise with your view. All my HOs have said the same thing about the THS welcome guide. You deal with it responsibly & fairly.

But the majority of HOs don’t. Sometimes as they are just busy/inexperienced/disorganised, or sometimes through a window to exploit HSs who are in a weaker position by the current system as a whole.

So perhaps HOs could be made to commit to a prompt to tick an “ I have sent my own doc to sitter” box, or “I have sent the THS WG” box.

It’s been very uncomfortable when receiving a WG (of any format) only a short time prior to the sit, containing previously unknown and now unwelcome/unacceptable duties.

It’s happening more & more frequently and I don’t believe the solution is for sitters to grow a thicker skin or fire fight an already unbalanced situation…

… the solution lies in HOs having to state that SOMETHING comprehensive outlining all expected duties and conditions, has been sent at the point of invitation. Because primarily, they form the main terms of the basis for the sit.

Otherwise how do we know what we are accepting? Any time after that, it’s a potential hijack. Which THS can easily prevent happening to sitters by said solution.

The added advantage of such simple solutions is that it slowly, subtly and fairly starts to address the current very stark and unnecessary imbalance and inequalities between the positions of HO and HS.

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