Migrate my reviews to a new membership?

Hello, long story short: Wife and I have done many housesits together on THS. We are now basically separated, and would need an account each. Is there any way, if I open a new THS sitter account for me I can migrate my (our) reviews over to that new account?

In other words, if we set up a new account, is there any way to avoid completely starting from scratch in terms of reviews?

Many thanks

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I’d just add a link to your original account to start you off. Then once you have a handful of reviews on your new account the link should no longer be needed.


If you are close enough with any homeowners that you previously sat for, you could request they write you a reference for the new account.

Maybe TH support has an option, but if not, make screenshots of your joint reviews and post them as pictures in your new account. Explain in your biography however you feel appropriate about your previous pet sitting experience as part of a joint account.

My husband and I each have our own accounts. When we do a joint sit, we take a screenshot of the review from the account that received the review and post to the other account in the way I described above.

Thank you for all the suggestions, guys. Hopefully this shouldn’t be an impediment to me securing more sits (individually, and as a couple, we have completed nearly 100!)

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Hello @Rhe … sorry to hear about your martial separation.
Oddly, when I read that I felt a gasp of reality of life outside the forum for members.

I would hope that MS can link the reviews to each of your new profiles.

In your new profile, mention that you are now a solo THsitter and perhpas in the initail email, a mention that your reviews (if linked) are from a time when you sat as a couple yet still reflect your THS ethic as a solo THsitter.

May all work out for both your greater goods.


@Rhe Yes, we are so sorry to hear what you’re going through. Hugs your way.

I would hope THS has a compassionate solution, as those 5-star reviews are owned by both of you!


No new suggestions as the ones above are really good, but I hope everything all works out! :pray:t4:


I just want to add with my homeowner hat on, I think if you follow some of the advice here, securing sits won’t be difficult at all. At the moment, it feels like there are a glut of new inexperienced sitters, so if you can write consisely about your experience in your application email, people will get that before they even look at your profile. And if you write about your experience in your profile, people will see that before they see the number of reviews. And I don’t think people will dismiss the “outside” references, especially if they come from THS members.

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Hi guys, thank you for all the good advice - and, even more so, for the kind words!
What a lovely community!


I have secured a house sit in a different forum using a screenshot of my reviews on THS; wasn’t an issue. Good luck! (And sorry about the breakup)

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hello again everyone. I have a silly question, which I’m sure I have seen the answer for (but can now not find it!). How do I copy my profile link to send to potential-homeowners (or paste in my new account)?

If I copy the link from My Profile / Profile preview, and paste it in another browser, it just opens the generic THS front page.

Where do I find my personal link that just opens for anyone (or, is it only other THS members that can see it?)

For example, if you click here, what do you see?
Find the Perfect Pet Sitter! Home & Pet Sitting Made Easy | TrustedHousesitters.com

Many thanks!

For example on the page with sitters in your own town.

And on your Dashboard page, scroll down. (Yes, stupid design that the link on the profile page is different and completely incredible that THS cannot fix that.)

yes, thanks Pietkuip, I have managed to find it. Given that THE is basically a tech/platform company, it is a wonder that simple things are so convoluted.