Miles, Perks with THS

This just in…
If you enjoy accruing skymiles with Delta, THS is now part of Skymiles program with skymiles shopping. On offer currently 1100 miles with THS membership.
Just renewed my membership 6 months early :slight_smile:
Lots of deals out there folks. You can use Chrome extensions to help you find great deals on your every day and not so every day shopping that will enhance your travel and pet care experiences.
I use the skymiles shopping extension and have been a long time user of Rakuten which also is offering financial incentives with membership.

This is a public service announcement.


This is VERY good to know. Thanks a bunch, @Amparo!

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How is you? Are you home now @Edith
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@amparo you may need to post an educational video of your tips & tricks for those of us on L plates! Wearing your wings of course!


:smiley: I’m smiling here because way back when that is something I used to do for fun. Tutorial videos on YouTube on techy internet, digital stuff.
I am never bored and happy to help. Let me know @Crookie