THREE free months now for referrals

So excited to get an email from THS saying that I got three free months added to my membership because someone I referred, joined! So they’ve added a month for referrals (used to be two). And it also showed a 30% discount to join now, up from 25%. Anyway, I needed a little boost today so I’m very thankful for this.


@SoloTraveler it sure pays to talk about TrustedHousesitters! Congratulations on getting those three free months. Keep up the good work and make it 6, 9 or even more. The best advertising is word of mouth. That’s why it’s called “Trustedhousesitters”.


My husband and I had been looking at THS for a couple of years now. We are from Northern California, relocated to Portugal right before pandemic. We had started talking about THS again, but still were not real sure. Well one day we met a couple who were THS, and had done about 15 sits, they gave us their card with the 30% discount, and we are on our way to our first pet sit, house sit!! And I just have to say, I love all the positive comments that are shared. Thank you everyone, and THS.


I wonder if there’s a limit. I referred two friends who both signed up from my link. I got the three months free from the first of those two friends, but not from the second.

There’s no limit. I’ve gotten over a year free from referrals. You should follow up.


@GardenCat did your second friend go through your link that was provided? If not, there would be no way to corrulate the two. How long ago did the second friend sign up? There could also be some lag time if posting your additional free months. I would check with them to determine what happened and also contact Member Services and ask for more information from them.

Yes, she did. A couple of months ago. Thank you.

Thanks for posting this. Hoping one of the moderators can help me understand why when I go to refer a friend I still am only getting 25% off for the friend and two free months, not the 30% and three months that the original poster is seeing.

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Hi @Freebird please contact our membership services team and they can look into that for you :slight_smile:

You can contact them through the link below.

Thanks Julie. I did reach out several days ago via the link you sent but have not received any response. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hi @Freebird I’m tagging @Therese who can hopefully assist you with this when she is back online.

Hi @Freebird
I have emailed you directly from membership services so please do look out for this in your emails.
Best wishes

During the last month I have received ELEVEN emails from THS advising me of special offers - free months for recommending new members and discounts on membership.
Hopefully these offers will be of use to some members but when I and others requested an email be sent to all members re the ‘benefit’ of the 5 application cap we were advised it wasn’t the most efficient way of reaching members. They used the newsletter instead and the same information didn’t go out to all members.

As a reminder the 30% / 3 month deal was a special Black Friday offer, and it expires on 16 Dec.