Invite friends to join?

Since completing our first sit and posting about it on FB, we have been approached by friends and friends of friends asking us if we would sit for them too. I am happy to do this but have been asking them to join THS, so that I can keep if official and still get my reviews. I have sent these people the invite to join, but can someone tell me if this link is just for a house sitter membership or will it also give them a discount on the home owner membership and also give me my 2 months free?:thinking:

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Hello, @LV123 , we just referred our daughter. She joined, got her discount, and we got an email stating that we will get two free months. She joined as a Homeowner. She joined from my “refer a friend” link.

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Thank you @Diatomic_Texans for sharing and welcome to your daughter. @LV123 when you share you RAF link (Refer A Friend) they can choose their membership type and tier.

Thank you for inviting your friends and for asking owners to join the site, it’s exactly what I do for reviews but also for the many benefits being in the community offers. Vet line, Insurance, support and of course if you are not free, other great sitters to choose from.

@Angela-CommunityManager We got an e-mail to say that one of our friends joined and that we get 2 months free. How does that work? Our membership expires in January I think. Does that mean it’ll only expire in March or do we pay only for 10 months in January? Thanks!!

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Hi @Els that’s amazing thank you for spreading the TrustedHousesitters community word.

When you Refer A Friend and they join using your unique code they receive a discount and the two months are added to your membership, some members have free YEARS they have referred so many.

Thank you again!