Referral Months - How Many Do You Have?

Now I know I’m not going to win this competition, but how many free months have you gotten from referrals?

I kinda wish I knew which of my friends or contacts have subscribed so I can thank them!

Wow, lol, Sept 3021 is a long ways off. That math isn’t mathing.

But I love contests. We need more contests!!!

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Is that like 9 lives worth @GoZacGo?

3021! - you win!

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Ohhh, 3021! That’s from winning the House Sitter of the Year award a few years back - the prize for that was a lifetime membership. :slight_smile:

So clearly the free months from referrals isn’t much of an incentive for us, lol.

We DO need more contests! Even if they are silly ones like this. :slight_smile:

@GoZacGo , Dont you have any THS friends? ,

if you have a lifetime membership wouldn’t it be better for you to give out a friends referral code rather than yours - share the love :heart:

Your question has been asked before @GoZacGo here on the Forum. Here’s the link:

Come to think of it, no, I don’t have any THS friends!

So yeah, hit me with your referral codes!

Expect an influx of private messages. It’s against ToS to post them!

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Yes @Jamie-and-Brady you’re right; it is against forum guidelines to post the refer-a-friend codes.

Please send a Direct Message to the OP if you wish to share yours with them.

Or you could apply for their affiliate program if you’re generating your referrals through your web site. A little extra funding for your travels!


I am highly offended @GoZacGo!!!

I thought we were friends. I mean I follow you on Instagram and everything.


I haven’t given anyone a referral code, because I worry that they might be overly focused on travel vs. pet sitting. Not sure how I’d get enough confidence in that, since I’m not interviewing them.

I’ve got 26 free months already & only joined in March.


@Maggie8K , I wouldn’t overthink it.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

The vast majority of sitters will be focussed equally on travel and pet sitting.

Thanks, @Colin. I’m not motivated enough by the reward to risk referring anyone who’s not great. Generally, I’m very careful about whom I’ll vouch for, even with jobs and such.

you do?! How did I miss that? I turned off my notifications, maybe that’s it!

I agree here - let the homeowners sort that out. quite honestly the majority of people we give the code to are probably homeowners (neighbors of our house sit, friends of the homeowner where we are sitting, or people we meet at a dog park who are like: wait, I recognize the dog, but not the human…who are you?)

we stopped blogging during the pandemic when we were stuck in Scotland, but this is a great idea!