Can you see who has accepted your referral links?


I’ve gotten 15 free months of referrals by sharing my link to curious people, and I was wondering if there was a way to see WHO signed up?

I’m super curious as we just finished a sit on Whidbey Island in WA and shared it a lot and our free months spiked!

(so keep your eyes out for wonderful house sits in the PNW!)


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Hi @GoZacGo the glorious Pacific Northwest, a very special part of the world. Thank you also for spreading the TrustedHousesitters word and for amplifying it so well gaining 15 free months through our Refer A Friend program. I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService who can help you.

Happy and safe travels.

Thank you again!!

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I really think one could stay just on Whidbey Island and go from sit to sit all year long.

We were invited to a puppy play group that met 3 times a week and then Bingo at the clubhouse and with those two things alone we met a TON of people with pets. :slight_smile:


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Hi @GoZacGo @Angela-CommunityManager Unfortunately there is not an area on the new dashboard that shows who has physically joined, you will only see the months added.
Thank you for all those wonderful referrals. It really has been a win-win for everyone.
Kind regards Therese

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Oh, that’s too bad!

I remember being able to do this in the past - it was nice as I could reach out to my friends who I had recommended to congratulate them, etc. :slight_smile:

But no big deal. I’ll live!

It really really is a win-win.

:heart: THS