Refer a friend bonus

Has anyone been able to make significant use of the refer a friend 2 month bonus membership months?

My friend signed up and I got my first 2 months extra free membership :grin:

How many extra months of free membership have you managed to accumulate?


posted on another thread that they got 26 extra months

8 free months for 4 sign ups and a 12 month bonus free membership for picture of the month on #trustedtales :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


That sounds like me. We currently have 26 months, and we only signed up with THS in March of this year. So it took about 6 months.

I say ‘we’ because I sit with my partner, but 100% of our referrals have been me me me! More to the point, I haven’t even had to push it. I love pet sitting and I am so glad I found THS, I love it, we ooze excitement for the full-time pet sitting life we now have, it’s genuinely feel about THS, we love it.

Just print out your promo code and if pet sitting comes up in conversation or when you’re chatting online, let them have your code. Don’t push it, don’t promote it, just hand it over and it’s their choice to find out more.

How often are you out dog walking and you say ‘he’s not mine, we’re just pet sitting him for a couple of weeks’, pass over your promo code, and let the conversation move on naturally. Holidays always comes up in conversation somehow when out dog walking and random conversations develop with other dog walkers.

Or how often do you get asked away from THS to sit, but your diary is full for their dates? Pass over your code then too.

If I actually made an effort to ‘sell’ it and go out of my way, I’d probably be sitting with 10 years free by now :rofl:.


Oh wow, I didn’t know about the ‘picture of the month’ thing, good to know :blush:

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10 free months for 4 referrals (2 were black friday- 3 months each) + 3 free months as part of a THS dispute resolution!


How do you find the promo code please?

It’s on the app and on your profile @Sarah22 under “refer friends” - it gives you a piece of code on there that you can reuse :raised_hands:t3:

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Hi @Sarah22 if you click on your profile photo you will see a drop down “Refer Friends” and if you click on this you can then enter your friends email address to send the promo code to.


If you’re using a laptop, it’s on your dashboard, right at the bottom, on the right. :blush:

We no longer refer THS to anyone


I must be the worst salesperson in the world. I have emailed the referral code or handed it over on their own mobile phone to at least two dozens of people who seemed genuinely interested, and not a single one ever used it to sign up. What do you - all the successful referrers - do to “close the deal”? Do you stay with the people until they sign up, or do you follow up in some way?

@Romana , I think its mostly luck that you speak to them just at the right moment !

@Colin Wow! You guys are killer salesmen!!!:rofl::joy::rofl:

I was thinking the same thing! Lol

@Cuttlefish Congratultions on winning a free year!!! I’d love to see the photo that earned that! :kissing_closed_eyes:

@Lokstar , that was a fluke ! :wink:

Voila! Mustafa & Sammy the green conure in Thailand :thailand:
Love :two_hearts: at first sight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


6 months from sign ups through a post on another site. I have not been able to recruit any friends and family as they are super skeptical and think THS is shady and I am not well in the head to be sitting for complete strangers.