Refer a friend bonus

My friends and family are super skeptical of THS too, so no free months for me. :frowning:
My neighbors had considered it, but they were witness to one bad experience I had, where they had to check on my dog because the sitter was no where to be found. Unfortunately people remember more of the bad experiences than the positive ones.

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I’ve got 6 free months from referrals, but am super lucky in that I randomly won (the only thing I’ve ever won lol) a 50 year membership on Instagram a few years ago! So I have to give massive props to TH for that incredible prize… it has taken me to some fantastic places and with my membership good until 2071, I’m sure there are many more adventures in store!


@Colin - I have told you before. You really must stop holding pets to ransom until the owners sign up to THS :rofl::rofl:



:no_mouth: :gun:

@Cuttlefish What a photo!! Love it! :heart:


I’m at 8 or 10 extra months now, I think. It’s easy for me because people are always asking me, “Where do you get housesits? I’m going away and I need a sitter…”


If I am emailing, I give them the facts in one go, there is no follow up, nothing additional at all, I leave it at that, if they sign up they sign up, I switch off to them.

I am a facts person, so I give my own feelings but back it up with facts about THS.

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@wendy_chicago @THSForumUser I don’t focus on friends and family, all of my referrals have been strangers (26 free months worth)

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We’ve only managed 4 referrals- all friends. 2 of them joined up and never did anything with it- the other two became instant full timers! Actually one of the full timers is a lovely young couple we met in Mexico 2 years ago- they were heading to Canada on the working holiday visa. THS changed their lives! They joined the day we told them about it and had the first sit confirmed within a week! Unlike most backpackers living in expensive hostels while working to pay their travels these two housesat their way through the US to Canada then landed a luxury lakeside condo sit on Vancouver Island for the whole summer and found lucrative local jobs to boot! They had the time of their lives and saved a fortune! One half is now training as a dog groomer to make a career out of it! :star_struck:

We’ve also passed on our code to many strangers we’ve met & even on a couple of FB groups but no one has ever joined that way! So far… !


I’m not super big on public social media, just this forum :smile: but that’s a great!
Probably works out really great for people that have a travel blog.

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Same! :joy: I’ve been on the platform for 10 years and tell EVERYONE about it (my lifestyle can’t be explained without mentioning it lol) and my code was only used for the first time last week!