Minimalistic review- grrrrrrr

‘’Xxxxxxx-was nice to meet-looked after the place very well’’

At least the HO HAS given a review, and for that I should be grateful.
I noticed that for all his sitters, the HO has given a ‘review’ of fewer than 10 words. So I asked him to please make mention of the fact that I’d looked after his dogs and his chickens (in my opinion) very well. I wrote a fulsome piece of feedback on him and his pets but this is all he’s written for me.
If I was a HO I’d be ‘reading between the lines’ and wondering why the review is so brief when he’s given me 5 stars in every category.
I’m a bit miffed, to be honest.

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We’ve received a couple of reviews that were on the short side even though we were given 5 stars in every category. I just put it down to the fact that not everyone has a way with words and goes into great detail the way I do when I write a review for a homeowner. I do agree with you though that it is a letdown when you don’t receive a glowing review when you did a great job on the sit.