Monthly photo competition?

Was there one of these before ? If so where can I find it ?

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I believe it’s on Instagram


Merlin decided he would cool down in the toilet

@Karen4 Merlin is stunning and I just saw this photo on another thread and was going to say it should be in a competition! I will tag @Angela_L as she is the best-placed person to know of any photo competitions coming up and where to find them.

@Liffy99 thank you for starting this topic :slight_smile:

Sitting in Dublin Ireland with Daisy


Ah, I assumed THS organised the competition . . .

@Liffy99 I think they are on our social media sites, Instagram and Facebook - if you join our THS pages on those platforms they tend to have the details of how to enter the competitions there, but you started a great topic and maybe we could have versions of them on the forum. I will feed the idea back :star_struck:


Add it to Instagram if you have a feed @Karen4 and add the hashtag #trustedtales and then it goes into the picture of the month competition for a years free membership :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: FYI too @Liffy99 & @Carla_C

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Just a couple more I took at housesit.

Kookaburra in the back yard

I’m fat but I’m cute, and I like to sleep this way :disguised_face:


Do you have to use Instagram ? Don’t use it or want it.

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Not sure @Liffy99 - you’ll have to ask a moderator @Angela_L - can you answer this please?

Thanks for helping @Cuttlefish and Hi @Liffy99 to enter the IG monthly comp you would need to have an account. But we are looking at including photo comps via other channels for those who prefer not to use Social Media, after all there will be many amazing pics on cameras right across our community.


That would be good - I try to keep my social media interaction to a minimum.