More should be done for Happy sits

I think its just this platform. I am a member of numerous platforms and never have any problems with them. I am a full time sitter and love meeting new owners and their beautiful babies unfortunately THS has changed a lot during this time and not in a good way so I think what you are seeing is the frustration of sitters to vent in a safe environment, but this is just my option


There is no requirement for a HO to leave a totally empty fridge. The requirement is enough empty space for the sitter to use. We ALWAYS leave several shelves and ensure whatever is left in our fridge will not go bad during our absence.


Well, THS tells owners: “Clean out the fridge and dispose of any open or perishable food items”. Owner Cleanliness Checklist |

I like it when there is milk and cheese and orange juice left.

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Hello - we have had many wonderful sitters and just a couple who were not so great. A couple came last year and stayed at the house and took care of the cats. They clearly had not read the very complete TH Guide that I had written and they made themselves way too comfortable as if they were in their own home to the point that they invited friends to not only stay in our house but to use the main bedroom and bathroom! Only after the fact did I receive a message saying they hope we didn’t mind and they probably should have asked prior to extending the invitation. The visiting couple had relatives in the area who didn’t invite them to stay with them! There are several hotels within 2 miles of our house. However, that was just the beginning. They had washed two complete sets of dark brown towels with bleach and completely ruined all of them. They fixed a roast beef dinner that boiled over in my clean oven and didn’t clean it up before they left. The list of other issues goes on and on but there are a few more of the more serious concerns below.

The fellow was supposed to have been a contractor, but when the frame of their bed slipped out of a notch and was several inches lower on one corner , it was not repaired and we wonder if they too used our bedroom. We had left specific information with names of our handyman and other repair people should they need any help, that would have been done at our expense. My husband and I took about 5 minutes to put it back in the slot and secure it. do not know how we can emphasize the importance of proper behavior when staying in someone else’s house. We have described this situation to more recent sitters and they agreed that they would not take such liberties.


THS makes money on our fees, removing anyone is a disadvantage for them.

@pip2 I definitely understand where you are coming from as a newbie to THS. I joined the forum prior to my first sit.

The information that I’ve received was and still is priceless.

I do my best to overlook the cynicism but also try to read between the lines. There’s often something I can learn and hopefully avoid some accidental pitfalls on both sides.

In regard to doing something for this sitters, I’ve made the decision to provide a pack of bottled water, $25 Visa gift card, and a thank you note for each sitter upon their arrival.

I most often travel by air and can’t meet sitters in person. At least I know they can order food in on their first day if they’d like and have time to figure out the rest.

I have coffee available and let sitters know they are welcome to whatever food and supplies I have on hand.

My fur babies are so easy, laid back, and don’t know a stranger. That’s the easy part. Being a great host is my top priority!


@pietkuip As a HO, I ask for my place to be returned to ths same level of clean as when the sitter arrived. However, I’ve seen HOs complain about dishes in the dishwasher and trash bins it being emptied, etc., things that are trivial in my opinion :woman_shrugging:

I specifically ask sitters not to launder the sheets and towels before they leave. I personally think that’s a bit much to ask.

Plus, I have dedicated towels and bed linen just for sitters. I want to check the quality/cleanliness of everything before I store it for the next sitter and/or replace as needed.

As a HO, I do my best to provide clear instructions, manage my expectations, and don’t sweat the small stuff.


Huronbase - Yes THS does make it’s money by subscription so it’s natural for them to be slow to remove a member.
However, as I mentioned above, there are times when a situation can lose them subscribers.
We’ve met & heard of situations where one person agreed to do a sit, but instead a boyfriend turns up saying the Sitter is delayed. In the case of the one we know about first hand the HO learned from the neighbors the house was turned into a party house, their wine cellar emptied!
I’ve heard stories of people’s vehicles damaged (used w/o permission or insurance rider) an another where a sitter turned an estate into a vacation rental, etc.

FLIP SIDE: have heard of homes left dirty and/or in much worse shape than posted, of animals with extensive needs not disclosed, family/friends who “shared” the home w/o previous agreement, etc.

IF Members don’t see THS do anything about an abusive sitter or HO, they will be discouraged from continuing their subscription AND may well share their negative experience with friends/families, thus others won’t join.

Of course HO & Sitters have to document & report bad situations for the system to work by maintaining the “trust” in TrustedHouseSitters.

Increasingly important that both HO and Sitters post honest reviews & info about their experiences as the Membership swells and the number of unreliables rises.
In our case, only two personal negative experiences, so I’ve encouraged others to join. BUT the two disappointing experiences? The other parties are still part of the system…

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I agree, that it would be nice to see real reviews. I have not had a bad experience so far. And I think part of the process of taking things I wouldn’t have because I was new and needed some reviews. I saw a sit for 5 dogs, 6 cats, turtle etc. And I thought, who would take that one? Another to take care of farm animals. Horses, chickens etc. If you really know how to do it, as I have done it, why would you do that for free? And clean a house? Not my kind of sit.