Platform Praise

I just wanted to give a shout out to TrustedHousesitters for having such an awesome platform for us to use.

I’m in Australia and on another site to expand my opportunities to sit. Ick - it’s just not conducive to a good experience for sitters. There are ads without pictures, or only of the pets and no house pics, and it’s like pulling teeth to get them. And hardly any people leave reviews, so most ads you have no idea what someone else has thought of the place (and because they don’t show reviews not left, you really are in the dark).

It makes you really appreciate the ease with which THS guides homeowners to set up their profile, as well as the quality of homeowners and sitters on the site (you get what you pay for with the cheaper ones, for sure).

Anyone else on other platforms and navigating something similar?

I first used Nomador, because it is in french and in english (I was looking for a sitter first, a year later I began to sit myself)

I faced myself a huge problem with my first sitter as I lost a dog during that sit, and the critic I made was deleted by the sitter who did not like it… My dog was dead ! I know since why you see only positive feedbacks

On Nomador, members are not obliged to pay only the ones who subsscribe get more informations (you can pay for 1 month, 3 months or a year) and I do think curious owners don’t pay a hundred € to find somebody to keep his furry kids ! owners who subscribe and pay can restrict their listing to the ones who pay too. What I did (pay and restrict)

the houses in France on Nomador are sometimes fantastic, often quite plain. The length of sits is quite classic (during school holidays) they don’t last as long as the ones on THS 2, 3 months. French sitters are less digital nomads and all year sitters ?

Only positive point for Nomador : owners’ rate of the answering is published

You can reach THS (by phone or mail) you have a vet line, you can’t call Nomador/France, there is no vet line.