'Must have' pets search function

This could be a little niche but I’d really like to be able to search by pets and filter to select ‘must have’, horses in my case!

I don’t mind what other animals are there but I would like to have horses specifically and currently there is no way to find sits with them.

Agree, it probably is a bit niche but, also, something I would like. As a HO, when looking for a sitter it would be great to be able to just look at Sitters with farm animal experience.


@PetsSit @Margaret Hello, there is a pet search filter … is there an additional feature of this search function you would suggest?

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Angela, i think THS must explain on the first page how we can use the site. It took me time to discover a few useful things such as preferences (using filters) but i guess as an owner you are less curious than a sitter. You don’t explore , you’re pretty sure somebody will answer

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I’m not sure whether or not I have farm experience? I’ve ridden horses, I’ve sat at a house where feeding wild sheep was a duty, and I’ve sat for 10 chickens, but really, I do not feel like a farmer. It all seemed…to easy.

I expect once I’ve milked a cow and helped birth a goat, I’ll feel more qualified.

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That search filter doesn’t work for what I describe. I want to search all sits that have horses as well as any other pets but horses as a definite.
If I select horses only then that’s all I see (sits just with horses and no other pets). If I select horses plus all others then I get everything (horses and no horse sits).
I would like a ‘must have’ horse option and then I’d see a list of all those sits with horses (+ whatever else).

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I hadn’t thought of it from the owners POV but that makes sense too!


I think the easiest way would be to have 2 checkboxes next to each animal: Must be present and can be present.