Setting filters when searching for sits

Is it possible to set new sits and the type of pets I want to sit once (in my account preferences) not each time I search for sits? As I search several times a day it is annoying to have to select each time.
I will never select recommended sits as an option nor will my selection of pets alter yet it seems I have to reapply my filters each time I check.

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I currently have a search set up called ’ No Dogs’ (or farm animals). It currently has dates we are looking to sit next, but no need to add those if you want to make it continuous. It does pick up quite a few that aren’t in locations we are interested in but that’s better than scrolling through a bucket that we aren’t interested in at all. I often don’t wait to get the alert, I just check it when I’m able to. To do this…do your search with the criteria you want…hit ‘save’ - top right. Name the search and save again.


Thank you !