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Has anyone used Ring or Nest and have they found it useful?

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A recent story from my neighborhood, related to “safety” more so than “security”:
A family was away from home. All their animals were in their home. A fire started in the home. They had a Ring doorbell camera.
A stranger who was jogging by the home saw the smoke, and rang their doorbell to make sure they knew about the smoke.
Since they had the doorbell camera, the family was able to answer the doorbell from their phone and talk to the man, even though they weren’t home.
Having been alerted to the fire, they called emergency services, and told the jogger at their door how to enter their home to escort their pets to safety.
When the fire trucks came, the animals had already been safely evacuated, and the jogger went about his day.
In the commotion, the family never got the jogger’s name, so afterwards they put out a call on social media to get his contact info, so they could reward him personally for evacuating their pets from the house on fire.

A happy story!


My experience has been limited in this regard. I have sat in homes with them and have family that have these.
The owner is alerted immediately when someone approaches and a video recording is made and sent to the mobile device of the owners who then have the option to speak directly to whoever is at the door. My family member saw someone shining a flashlight into her car on the driveway.
I did have an owner who could see my activity mowing and raking the lawn and she was able to view a recording of an accident on her entryway.
It’s pretty cool in my opinion.

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I’ve had experience with the Ring doorbell on several occasions. It’s certainly helpful when you are absent from the house, for security purposes. On my first house sit, the HO noticed I was sweeping the front porch, and immediately texted me and thanked me for the effort, but said it was unnecessary.


Thank you @Joanne it’s good to hear about a positive camera encounter, given all of the genuine concerns around these devices.

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