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I keep on getting the same reply! Before we can approve your listing, we do need you to update your photos. The listing requires at least 5 photos of the inside of your home, and these must include the bedroom, kitchen living area, and bathroom. You have included a photo of the living area, but we still need good photos of the other 3 rooms.

You also haven’t included much information in the home & location section. I would kindly ask you to expand that section a little more. Think of the things you love about your home and the area where you live, and what sort of thing a sitter might want to know about it.

Sooo, have you done as they have requested?? Just trying to understand what is happening.

I am but still not accepted!

If you are sure you have already done what was requested, then pop an email to ask what the problem is to , from my own experience they typically respond within 3hrs - 24hrs with the questions I have asked in the past.

Also, check your photos are in a file type they accept.

Thank you, will do.