National Rescue Dog Day - Please Share Your Stories

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

Today we celebrate all rescued pets, the organizations who help give them a second chance to live their best lives, their forever families and our amazing sitters who keep them happy at home.

Share your rescue pet stories to help celebrate pets who are the very heart of TrustedHousesitters

Pets like …

Towpath - "Gentleness was this dog’s truest nature…"

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary

"Feeding Felipe became the highlight of our days, this big dog had such a majestic air to him"



In 2015, after walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, we decided to adopt a senior dog. Iggy, named after Sant Iago, was 11 when we took him home. He had
separation anxiety and we worked really hard to give him a happy life. He went to doggie daycare, we took him with us to lots of places, we had the kids next door come over to watch tv with Iggy, he was the boss of us from day one! But we loved old man Iggy.

Iggy’s health started to decline one year ago and we had to say goodbye to the old guy. He was with us for almost five years, happily bossing us around, I wouldn’t change a thing.


Alice thank you so much for sharing Iggy’s story and thank you for rescuing a senior boy and giving him the chance to live five years of his very best life.

We are so sorry for your loss, It’s so terribly sad when we have to say goodbye but our pets really do leave paw :paw_prints: prints on our hearts, they stay with us forever and the memories last a lifetime.

Thank you again for sharing such a lovely story. :heart::dog::heart:

My current foster dog, Murphy, is still looking for a forever home in the Atlanta, Georgia USA metro area. We are temporarily fostering him between housesitting assignments and he is the sweetest little guy who looks and acts like a youngster. He was rescued from a rural area in a field near teenagers who were shooting at things.
If any sitter or homeowner in the vicinity may know of a special person who would be interested in adopting this special needs senior pup, please share his link.
Dog for adoption - Murphy, a Jack Russell Terrier Mix in Clarkston, GA | Petfinderemphasised text


@Southernsitter thank you for being foster carers to pets in need and for sharing the adorable Murphy with us.

If anyone does know of someone who might be this little guy’s furever best friend please share
[Dog for adoption - Murphy, a Jack Russell Terrier Mix in Clarkston, GA | Petfinder](Dog for adoption - Murphy, a Jack Russell Terrier Mix in Clarkston, GA | Petfinder)

Thank you and good luck Murphy

My dad didn’t like dogs, so I didn’t get one until I left home.

In 1987 I visited the dog and cat home in Glasgow and fell in love with a Goldie. Back then it was easy - give them 10 pounds. A few months later I visited again and there was an elderly English springer Spaniel, with his lead hanging on the bars of his cage. Fell in love immediately and that started my love of Spaniels. His owner had passed and he was handed in by his family. Sadly he had epilepsy, and I only had him for a couple of years.

Around 1991 again at the C+D home, I got a wee mix, sort of corgi/Jack Russell cross, Bruno.
and then a year or so later another Springer, again from the C+D home - so that’s 3 dogs at one time. The Goldie I had for over 12 years, and I guess she was about 17 when she died, Bruno, I had for 12 years, and the 2nd Springer for about 5 years.

I had a caravan for many years, and in 2005 I spotted an ad in a local shop window in Aviemore for a local rescue looking to rehome a 7-year-old Springer - I had her for about 6 years.
I started to volunteer for a Springer Spaniel rescue charity, eventually adopting 2 dogs, and fostering a few over the next 5 years.

So all my dogs over years have been rescues of some sort.


I should add, and don’t know how I forgot - the Goldie had puppies, even though I had been told by the C+D home that she had been neutered, (father unknown and ran that way).

I kept one and had her for over 17 years, so the only puppy I have ever had.


Peter what a wonderful story, I share your love of Spaniels … I love all dogs of course and always feel slightly guilty at expressing a special place for one particular breed but I’m sure we’re not alone

Thank you again for sharing and for adopting.

Years ago, we heard that there was a parrot at a local farm where a rescue organisation kept some of their more unusual creatures. We’d been looking after our friends parrot during their holidays for a few years.

We found a sad looking and rather scruffy parrot sitting quietly in his cage. We were told he was called “Colonel” and that he’d belonged to an elderly man who had passed away. None of the family wanted Colonel and he was believed to be around 20 years old.

We felt so sorry for Colonel that we knew we had to give him a home. We did some research and found he was an Alexandrine Parakeet - a larger version of a ringneck parakeet with a massive oversized beak and a life expectancy of around 25 years.

We reorganised Colonel’s cage to give him some space. He soon turned out to be the loveliest gentlest bird. His feathers grew back sleeker and he was such a happy boy dancing on his stand or climbing around his cage. Not surprisingly he bonded with my husband, but he was friendly to everyone he met. My husband even used to take him into a nearby school and talk to the children about parrots.

We had Colonel for about 2 years before he passed away. We like to think we gave him a new lease of life in his last years.


Thank you for a lovely story of second chances and kindness Debbie and for giving Colonel a second chance to live his very best life, which he did and that was thanks to you and your husband … Colonel must have loved meeting the children, do you have any photos?

A delightful rescue story, thank you for sharing … and caring.

In 2008 i lost my beloved drahthaar, Jim, 14 years old,

IMG_1770 (2014_08_14 16_42_04 UTC)
I went 1 month later to a SPA refuge (société protectrice des animaux)and adopted Foudre, who had been abandoned puppy, then by a couple who hoped he would be a guard dog (44 kilos) and understood quickly he was not, then abandoned again by another couple who wanted to hunt with him although he hated guns noises.
We were the good masters at last. He died in 2018 of a lymphom.
Our second dog, Nuage, a x Border collie, was found abandoned on the road around 6 months old. His masters were probably horrified by all the stupid things that puppy did and gave up.
SPA was warned, Pet alert too, but he had no chip, no tattoe…
We adopted him officially after the legal 3 weeks delay for research .
Nuage & Foudre loved each other. 2 dogs playing together is a marvellous thing,
We lost him last june (lung cancer)


Thank you for sharing such wonderful, and sad, memories @Provence you have given your pets
a second chance to live their very best lives, kindness and caring, thank you :heart: