Animal rescue / adoption

Having lived in various parts of Spain for several years, the unchanging factor has been
abandoned/feral cat colonies. All my cats are rescues or first-degree domestic (feral parents).

On moving into our current home in May, my partner and I acquired guardianship of three feral mamas with 12 kittens between them, plus a couple of toms. Seven months later, they are all sterilized and healthy. Of the group, one adult and three kittens are socialised and would make amazing pets.

The challenge is finding suitable homes. Spain has a superfluity of abandoned/uncared for animals, while pets are at a premium in other European countries. TrustedHousesitters is an incredible platform for connecting pet-lovers across borders. Is there some way this network could be leveraged to match-make between people seeking pets and rescue animals needing loving homes? Any ideas or suggestions?

Hello @Zooey_esp welcome to our community forum thank you for being part of our TrustedHousesitters community and for your kindness in helping make a difference in the lives of those homeless cats and kitten.

We know only too well the challenges around pet rescue all over the world with some places being far more challenging than others. As individuals we often feel powerless but we can make a difference as you have demonstrated.

Finding the right home for a homeless animal is the ultimate goal of any rescue organisation whether they are larger charities or small local expat groups and it can be challenging getting everything right to ensure the animal is the ultimate winner.

As a pet loving community our strength lies in sharing the rescue and adoption message and supporting those helping make a difference through our community and our Social channels, also letting those considering adoption and who have adopted, know TrustedHousesitters will keep their rescue pets happy at home when they need pet care.

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Thank you for the words, Angela.
TrustedHousesitters is an incredible, supportive community. It has facilitated, for me, the embrace of cat guardianship without giving up the pleasure of travel.
It is encouraging to be part of a world-wide network of people for whom caring and adventure are not mutually exclusive.