Hi everyone from Edinburgh, Scotland!

Hi everyone!
I’ve had dogs my whole life and after living far from home (Spain) for years and missing them dearly (they’re at my parent’s), my partner Louis and I decided to adopt kittens last summer. Best decision ever!

When I heard about this platform I was absolutely amazed!! Such a great idea, I wished I had heard about it when I first moved abroad, would’ve been so much fun to care for other people’s pets!

Now with the restrictions finally over we’d like to go visit our families but we’re having trouble finding someone to stay with the kitties while we’re away, we don’t have many friends here as we’re sort of nomads if you will, and the only friends that like and understand cats are either unavailable or can’t stay at our flat.
Taking them somewhere else is our last resort at the moment, as we’re precisely trying to not put them through any unnecessary stress.

I would appreciate very much if I could get tips on how/where to promote my listing. I’d be very grateful for help or tips (already linked my listing to my profile).

Thanks so much!


Glad to see you found your way to the forum. Welcome
and Enjoy :smile_cat:


Your cats look adorable , you have a nice flat with a good listing in a fantastic city. We love the Leith area and would definitely be applying if we were not already booked. I’m sure you will get some applications very soon


That’s very encouraging, thank you so much!

I love Scotland and kitties. All my sits have bern primarily cat’s. If you have any autumn trips planned I would love to come back to Scotland. For now I’m committed through fall, yet have gaps between mid October and mid December for now.

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Hi @lopezdhondt ! We are also Spaniards and we will be available to look after your beautiful kittens if they are OK having our little dog Leo around the house.

Check your inbox, I have sent you have a message! :slight_smile:


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Hi Lorena,

Your listing looks great to me!

You live in an excellent area, Mimi and Coco are beautiful and I’d be super keen to look after them if only I were available on the dates that you’re going to be away.

Please keep me in mind if you need a sitter this August… I’m from Edinburgh originally and I’ll be in the UK for the whole of that month for work and leisure.

We’re planning to visit my grandma in Craigleith at some point, so if you have any other holiday dates around then, I’d be glad to help you out. :blush:


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