Hello from Edinburgh

My partner Steve and I have done many sits in the UK as well as other countries, including a cat in NZ, a small herd of cattle in the Queensland outback (what an experience!), and a lonely, friendly, chicken in Yorkshire.
We have also had many sitters come to our house back when we had a cat to be looked after.
We mostly travel using home exchange these days and we look after pets that way too. We travelled a lot pre-covid as we are retired, hopefully we can get back to travelling soon.


Hi Alison -

We had planned to spend some time in Edinburgh this summer as part of a four-month trip. Unfortunately, cancelled our plans due to Covid. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful city once again in the future!

Stay safe!



Welcome @AliBe it’s great to have you join on our launch day … we hope this is the start of many forum visits for you and Steve.

Thank you for sharing and enjoy the conversation and connecting with other members. Stay warm, we hear it’s pretty chilly in Scotland at the moment.

(I’m cheating I’m in Helensburgh and it’s freezing right now)

Angela & The Team

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Yes, it’s pretty cold in Edinburgh, but at least the sun is shining!

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Welcome Alibe,

cattle ? With some or not any previous experience ? I would love to hear you tell us how you applied (and why) and how things went on (I’m very curious)

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We were not meant to be looking after the animals. We were told a family member who lived a few miles away would take care of anything that needed to be done… But when one of the bullocks jumped the fence chasing the kangaroos and got into the garden, we called for help and no one knew anything about looking after them. So we used what little knowledge we had from 30 years previously, got him rounded him up safely, got him into a field by the time help arrived a couple of hours later. A few days later, we got a call from a neighbour to say cattle had got into their property (luxury wilderness lodges) so we had to go and do some rounding up again. It was a hoot, just the right side of scary. We took to walking the fences of the 100 acre property, checking for any breaks or fallen branches where they might get out.
We spent a month there, it was a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience. It was meant to be a home exchange, arranged through this site, but it ended up being so much more.


You were smart. Lucky the luxury lodges’ owner reacted nicely. 100 acre property ? I had to check in french measures to appreciate : 40 hectares ! Waouh !!

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