Greetings from sunny Scotland!

It actually is sunny today (it happens occasionally! :sunglasses:)

Just popping in to say ‘hello’ and hopefully make some connections with other Scots on the forum. I am a writer from Glasgow, and kind of fell into house sitting in 2018 while living in Berkshire.

I know many sitters love travelling further afield, but having lived elsewhere for almost a decade, it was my intention to see more of the motherland upon my return, which THS has enabled me to do! I have made countless furry friends and am currently on a regular sit in Dumfries and Galloway with the sweetest elderly Jack Russell, who is snoring softly beside me.

Wishing you a lovely evening,

Jen (and Lottie :paw_prints:)


Hi @strawberryen! Nice to hear you are having a beautiful day! We hope to travel to Scotland next year while we are visiting Ireland and London…it’s all the list right now but we have tried three other times and COVID stopped us in our tracks. Our trips were cancelled each time…hopefully this time we can go!

Isn’t TrustedHousesitters great for getting to see the World all the while hanging with some adorable furballs? It is so much fun to meet new furry friends along with their pet parents as well. We have forged some very wonderful friendships through here and can’t wait to meet even more!

Looking forward to you sharing some of your great pics here!


Hi @Debbie-Moderator! Sorry to hear your trips to Scotland have been cancelled multiple times. I had a similar situation in 2020 when I was almost completely booked for the year and then, one by one, my sits were cancelled as travelling became less possible. Fingers crossed the worst of the COVID travel restrictions are behind us now.

THS is amazing and I recommend the site to people whenever I get the chance. Only the other day I was telling a lady near here about it, as she struggled to get care for her dogs and kennels were not an option. Not enough people know about the site!


I can’t imagine an entire year of careful planning unraveling! Ouch. Of course, none of us could have imagined being locked down for months on end due to a virus either. I hope this year is turning out better for you!


Hi Jen,

We are also based in Glasgow and house sitting all over Scotland!

It would be great to meet up. We are down near Dumfries in Locharbriggs from Sunday for a week.

Best wishes,
Arabella & Steve

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Thank you @Harris2! This year (and last) has definitely been better in terms of house sits not falling through. The problem was that I didn’t have a base so was intending to housesit full time to save for a house deposit. That didn’t go so well! I now have a base to return to, so peace of mind in that respect. You’re right, we could never have anticipated how COVID would have affected our lives and plans. Hopefully, the worst of it is behind us now!

@PetsSit Oh wow, what a small world! I haven’t been to Locharbriggs before but it sounds lovely. I am close to New Galloway at the moment and am heading home on Monday for a week before the next sit begins! Perhaps our paths will cross in the future! It’s great to know you guys are also house sitting across Scotland, there is so much to explore! Wishing you the best on your upcoming sit x

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