New and not having much luck!

Hej all,

I am from Sweden and new, I am going away mid August and not had much luck so far. Had contact with a couple of sitters that looked good but dates didn’t suit.

Anyway I keep my fingers crossed :-). I have ten cats - which sounds like a lot but most of the time you don’t really see them apart from food time of course.

Any luck from those in Europe - how have you found peoples movement, getting better?



Hi Heather,
That’s a pity - I wish you luck on your search! I think that’s because it’s summer and people are preferably seeking southern lands atm.

Your exchange proposal sounds cool, although it’s a week only. I could suggest you just to change the first picture, maybe showing your cats and/or the house+garden one.

Happy week,


Thanks Thais, I am new’ish to the site, new in that I’ve never had a house sitter or sat myself. Although, I did put an add in a few years ago but found a local cat sitter in the end.

And I changed my photo, thanks for the tip! I will get some better pics this weekend.

Some of my work colleagues swear by Trustedhousesitters, so I’ll see how I go.

All the best,



HI @Chi Welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining from Sweden.

What a lovely thing to do, let the cats stay “home” giving you quite the feline family. You listing is great and perhaps give potential sitters an idea how much care time your feline family needs, for instance in your listing you mention litter trays, do the cats live in or out?

A few more details about their needs would be a good addition and I will look forward to seeing the other pictures you are going to add. Sitters have the option to use your bikes, you look very rural would sitters need a car or is there any public transport?

Adding details like this will help sitters when viewing your listing.

People are starting to travel more although it is taking time for many to be confident about taking long, international trips you could look at reaching out to local sitters.

There will be more help and advice from members on the forum. Enjoy making connections and if you have any questions this is the place to ask them.

Thank you again for joining.

Angela & The Team

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Welcome @Chi!
Do not despair. This is a wonderful site and with wonderful people.
I am already booked, but 10 kitties? oh my, I’d be there in a heartbeat!


Thank you :-). My kitties are very adorable and spoilt. Enjoy your house sit!

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Thank you so much for the tips! I’ve updated the text again and added more info. My house is under renovation so I just wanted to be upfront about that, so people are not disappointed - I’d been reading about sitter stories of unclean houses and that freaked me a little :-).

The walls are scruffy and the kitchen is old. But for a week and in the summer, I don’t think it should be an issue. If there was ever a time to be in Sweden, it’s now.

The summers are so beautiful and green. We need a lot of sunshine in the Nordics before we head into the darkness of the winter.


Ah Chi, sorry to hear that you can’t find someone. I looked at your posting because I live in Denmark and wondered if I could help you out. Unfortunately, I need to be back for the weekend of 21-22 August, otherwise, I would have jumped in my car. :frowning:



Hi @Natasha welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining and for reaching out to @Chi it’s so kind of you.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members from around the world … Thank you again.

Angela and the Team

That’s so kind of you. If you could do it till the 20th I would be interested? I can get a colleague to do the last two days - problem is that she has a dog so can’t stay over and lives in the next village. But I’d understand if it’s not a long enough sit for you.


It’s definitely getting better. 10 cats is going to be difficult. So many pet owners only have one or two pets to choose from.

The amount of cats doesn’t seem to be a factor for some, I actually had three people want to come but I had to change the dates and they already had a booking.

The house renovation was more of an issue - but that was largely because people thought is was a building site.

If Brits could travel freely, I too, would be there in a heartbeat.
I’m sure you’ll get a sitter. L.


I’ll want someone again so please save me :-). There’s actually a few British people around here, as we’re so close to the global IKEA HQ. It’s funny to think that there’s this massive company based in a village in the middle of the woods!


Hi Chi,
I just made my account on Trusted Housesitters and I can look after your cats. The latest I can leave is Saturday morning, so I can take care of them until the 21st. It only takes me about 2 hours to drive home to DK from your place.

I can make an application on the platform.
I hope this helps, I’ll go do it now.
Have a good day, Natasha


Hej Natasha,

Thanks so much, I’ve sent you an email from the main site.