Hola from the Canary Islands!

My husband and I are new to TH, but not to house sitting, or to looking after animals!

Cats are our real specialty and we’ve always adopted rescue animals, so we’re very sensitive to their needs. Currently, we’re looking after a local street cat colony following the eruption on our island of La Palma. This can sometimes be challenging due to the many tourists on-site, but it’s so rewarding to see traumatised cats gradually gaining confidence and being visibly happy to see us.

I’m Scottish, my husband’s English and we’ll be in the UK for almost the whole of August. We’ll mostly be in London for a big event at the start of the month, with a trip up to Edinburgh to visit family. Then it’s over to Belgium for a few days before returning back to the Canary Islands… We’re doing our best to make up for lost time after the volcano and covid!

If you’re based in London, Edinburgh, or Brussels and looking for sitters in August, please keep us in mind. We don’t travel with any pets and we’d be delighted to chat with you. :blush:


welcome. A busy time ahead for you. Enjoy.
F :scotland:

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Thanks @fyfie. We can’t wait to be travelling again!