Need advice - What to see in Paris off the tourist trails?

@Joanne … Thank-you for asking and we did indeed, twice. We spent the day walking the parks/grounds and completely around the lake… discovering it was much bigger than expected! Followed by the palace gardens and fountains. Absolutely stunning.

We were fortunate that our airbnb was close to the RER line only 20 mins from Versailles.

Then we returned on our last evening to see the last nighttime fountain show and firework display of the summer. More fountains were open and the lighting, again spectacular. I was surprised at how spaced out all the different fountain areas are.

We said next time we visit bikes would make it much easier in the parkland - you made a good choice!

It was a beautifully warm sunny week so we made our itinerary based on being outside as we figure we can return another time to visit museums. Feeling very fortunate to be based only 3 hours away and will look out for short housesits through the winter and spring. We’ve got a lot more to see :slight_smile:


@Vanessa-Admin the trip sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing your photos. The vast grounds could never truly be appreciated in one day. I’ve only been to France once, and we definitely have plans to return. My daughter and I were on a trip from France to Edinburgh and then London. I long to revisit all of those areas, as I’m so fascinated by the history. Having lived in Europe for 3 years, I understand the concept of cultural immersion, while still visiting ‘tourist’ areas. How wonderful that countries open their treasures for all to visit…we are never too old to learn about the culture wherever we travel.


Paris is one of my favorite cities. I go back again and again for months at a time and there is always so much to see and do! I enjoy staying as central as possible. One of my favorite neigborhoods is the 11th Arr, just east of Place de la Bastille. It is wakable to the Marais or Ile de la Cite, but also feels a little off the beaten path for tourists. More neighborhoody. Be sure to look into the outdoor markets that are all over Paris (farmers and flea/vintage). Many churches have concerts. Opera at either the Palace Garnier or the National Opera House (that one is near the Bastille) is a great experience too. Enjoy!

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