Need to correct a reference post!

Hello there, We’re from Colorado and super excited to join the THS community!
I started my profile and have 6 references because we have been pet/house sitting for a few years now. However, one of my references made a mistake and only gave us 1 star. She asked for a new link and corrected it to 5 stars but her 1st reference still shows. Is there a way yo delete it?
I’ve sent 3 emails requesting assistance but have not received a response.

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Can you please help with this question?

I’ve tagged Angela & Therese as they’re the best people to answer this👍.


Hi @businessnancy7 @Therese-Moderator will be able to help with this when she is back online, she will connect with you directly via email.

And a big thank you to @RunnerC for stepping in and helping.

Hi @businessnancy7 I have seen your emails and will reply to you shortly. Kind regards Therese

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