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Hello, I am having trouble with sending out an external reference request to a non-THS member. I’ve looked through the Help section of THS’s website, and following the instructions, there is supposed to be a “Verifications” link at the top of my screen (under my name or the 3 lines at the top) I can click on, which then will allow me to click on “Request Reference”, but I can’t find the Verifications link.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I emailed THS but have received no response; I also tried calling them several times and there is no answer and I can’t leave a voicemail.

Hi @vhub thank you for posting and a big welcome to the community forum. We have many helpful members within our community who can offer useful and interesting insights on all things TrustedHousesitters.

Regarding this particular query, I am going to send you a direct email from Membership Services to assist so please do keep an eye out for this.

All the best

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Hi Snowbird, i think i mistakenly deleted your feedback. Coukd you please post the screenshot again? Thank you so much!

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Hi. No, you didn’t delete anything - I did. When I originally answered, I didn’t realize Lucy was working and so I was stepping in to answer. However, once I saw Lucy was there, I stepped back to leave her to take care of you.

Ohh, ok. Thank you anyway! I heard from Lucy. The problem was that I am a homeowner, and homeowners arent permitted to have references for some reason.

Hi @vhub if you feel a reference would give your listing that extra “something” it may be someone who has already cared for you home and pets, then you can add to the body of text in the Introduction, … sitters do like to have as much relevant information on home, pets and owners as they can get, just as owners look for the same in a sitters profile.

Hi Angela, what do you mean “add to the body of the text in the introduction”? Do you mean to cut and paste from a personal written reference? Or to just say, “written references available upon request”. OR, is there a way to actually attach a letter of reference when contacting a potential sitter?

Hi @vhub there is no way to upload documents to a THS account, the simplest way is to get your referee to email their reference to you and add part of it or a relevant quote to the Introduction section with “complete reference available” I add a quote from a review at the beginning of each section of my profile until you get feedback from sitters this is an opportunity for someone else to endorse your listing.

Just as a sitter’s profile is their showcase so is an owner’s listing it’s your chance to present your pets and home in whichever way you choose.

Thank you!

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