requesting external references link broken

Hi folks! I’m new here - I have requested references from people I have sitted for in the past. The link I have sent them is broken and there is no one available to chat to/can’t find an email or phone contact for trusted house sitters

anyone have any ideas what to do?


@GeorginaS I just checked my sitter profile and see that there’s no longer a link (online or on the app) to be able to request an external reference.

There are other posts about discrepancies in reviews and references displaying. In that case it is apparently in part because of the work being done to modify the review/feedback system.

My guess is that the request for reference is a similar situation. I’ll tag @Carla_C (moderator) to see if she can clarify this for you, or suggest another option in the meantime.

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@Snowbird Thank you for tagging me :slight_smile:

I can help direct you to where the reference requests are. You can request more references and send your link via the edit profile page on the website or the app if you click edit profile and then scroll to the reference section and click edit, there will be an option to request more references and send your link there.

@GeorginaS Wishing you a warm welcome, if your individual link is not working then you will need to get the Membership Services team to have a look and check the link, please reach out to them at

I hope you get it sorted soon.

Thanks @Carla_C The option on the dashboard, under Trust & Verifications for references - the Request More blue button is not functioning. That’s the one I was referring to. I’m glad you found an alternative for @GeorginaS.

@Snowbird Thank you for that update and I will let the product team know about that functionality :grin: