New Home Owner

Thanks for your reply. I’ll do that later today.

Hi Amanda56,
I was nervous, too, before finding my first sitter for a six-week sit. I am now in my third week and couldn’t be happier. I chose a lovely couple to stay at my house to hike with my two dogs. I found them to be the best fit. Because I live on acreage, I had them arrive 1.5 days before to show them the routine. They arrived at 5:00 PM, so I took them to dinner as a nice gesture. The following night, I made them dinner, then I was on the road early the following morning. I believe you have represented your site and Berkley nicely. A real animal lover wouldn’t have any issues sleeping on pillows where Berkley sleeps. My dogs sleep wherever I do. They are pack animals and want human contact. Good luck and have safe travels.

I am an experienced house and pet sitter with excellent reviews. Just because I prefer not to sleep with pets doesn’t make me less of an animal lover.
Many homeowners I have sat for do not allow their pets upstairs or on the beds and we should also respect their wishes.