New and hoping for a sitter very soon -

I am new to the forum but have used TrustedHousesitters before. I advertised for sitters earlier in the week and had zero response. Is that normal at the moment? I’m looking dor a sitter 14th-2nd August 2021.
In the past I have had masses of responses v quickly.
Also, how do I put a profile picture up please?

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Welcome! Can you post your sit here, so that folks know your location? You may also want to contact some of your former sitters to see if they might want to return or know someone who can do the sit. Now that summer travel has picked up, many sitters are booked months in advance or made other commitments. There is now high demand, often with little notice. Good luck!

Hi Alison, Welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from the university city of Cambridge.

Hux and Soup, two pet names I wont forget in a hurry, look absolutely adorable and you have great sitter feedback … “I can thoroughly recommend this sit” Roslyn with two weeks to go and I know you must be anxious to arrange your sitters, you do still have time.

Have you relisted your dates and reached out to local sitter and those who have applied before? If not that would be the place to start and you could change out some images and add new ones.

I’m sure you will get some great support and advice from our members on the forum.

Adding a profile picture …

Under your member name … I will let @Petermac explain as he did to another member …

Thank you again for joining.

Angela and the Team

Hi Angela. It seems a repeated question of how to post a photo on a forum profile, or sitters asking for location from homeowners who are anxious about arranging their sits. May I suggest that you do a post here, explaining the features, suggesting how everyone can add whatever information they want to share in their forum profile - photo, location, link to their THS profile maybe? It would make response time quicker and smoother, I think. I realize, of course, that it’s optional whether anyone uses these features. If it is already here, I haven’t come across it.

Hi @Snowbird there is a pinned post in the General Category for new members needing help on the Forum … We will look at placing a post to guide new users to use the search function for help locating topics


Looking at that now I don’t see any mention of being able to add a link to any page. Those on the forum may not know that they can add a link to their sit they’re concerned about, or to their profile.

From experienced pet sitters it might help to share your post. I often skip over various pet sits depending on how they are listed. I just accepted one for next Spring in Ireland since it answered all of what I was looking for.

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@Snowbird @Dennis thank you both for your helpful feedback. Vanessa and I have reviewed the informational and instructional “How to use The Forum” article and an updated version will be posted replacing the current edition which was pinned to the Help Category. This article is also included in the Welcome Message which all new Forum members receive when registering.

Thank you again …

Thank you for responding to feedback. I received my renewal notice yesterday and notice that the ‘features you can only access as a THS member’ does not highlight the forum. If this is only available to members, perhaps it should also be promoted on the renewal notice? Just a thought.

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The Forum is also open to non members @Snowbird The latest edition of the “How To Use Our Community Forum” is now live.

I don’t know if my question is right to place here, but I cannot log in with my login name and password. It always says wrong or unknown user, email not listed…whatever.
However if I click on the “Visit topic” button in the notifying email when someone answered my post it’s no problem.

Angela, I’m surprised that this forum is available to non-members. I would hope those posting here have experience of being either a homeowner or sitter specifically with THS. I can see some merit of setting it up that way, as an enticement for non-members to join. However, has THS considered that it may also serve as a place for those who don’t want to pay for a membership, and instead just DM sitters or homeowners directly? I’m disappointed that the forum is not kept as a benefit to members.

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Hi @Snowbird … The forum is a branded public forum and yes we are open to partial members and for the reason you say, to encourage more members to join our community which will benefit all of us.

Off site arrangements can happen between members, not just non members. They rarely do as members realise to go off site means member benefits do not apply, there is no support for anyone involved in the arrangement and for sitters there are no reviews, which we all put great store in … including those of us with many reviews.

We do not allow listings or profiles on the forum and we always encourage members to go through the site for all arrangements. Historically we find that if and when a sit goes wrong it is generally one that has been arranged away from the site.

We cannot prevent this from happening either through the forum, the membership or other means and now that the forum is becoming more popular we are in the process of updating the guidelines on forum process and best practise.

Thank you

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That all makes sense. Thanks for the detailed response.

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