New Listing with no applications?

Hey all,
I’m new to to this website but have heard great things about it from my friends who have also used it for their own pets. I have not had any applications for my listing and there are still many other listings in the St. Paul area that have gone un-answered as well, so I’m not very optimistic about finding a sitter in time for Christmas. Any advice for things I can do to boost my listing, or experience from other St. Paul homeowners? Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @ErinMcDonough
I’ve had a look at your listing and it looks nice, although maybe some people would be put off by the fact it’s a studio apartment and the bedroom is part of the living room. A lot of sitters have already booked their Christmas/new year sit some weeks ago but I’m sure there will be someone for you as it sounds like a nice area.
You may also deter people by saying you’d prefer people with experience of giving medication to cats yet all that’s involved is putting it in Zorro’s food. Zorro’s over activity (probably because he’s confined to an apartment) could also be an issue although you do state how to help control that.

thanks for the advice!

Zorro looks adoroble. What a goofball! And cat sits are easy. Others have mentioned it’s a studio which could be a problem for (1) people who like to sleep in a separate room from the cat (2)couples (3) singles or couples who will also be working from the space. However, imo a bigger problem may be Minnesota winters, especially as airfare over Christmas is super high this year. You might find someone if you give it time. It’s a big site. Lots of sitters and maybe someone is going to be visiting family nearby or have another reason to visit. You could possibly search if there are sitters within driving distance who might be interested in Christmas in the big city. You can send sitters a note and invite them to apply directly for private dates.

I agree with @Smiley that it wouldn’t be an ideal sit because it is a studio apt, with a full sized bed and a futon. Over the holidays, I think you’ll find that sitters are looking for more comfort. And of course there’s the question of what kind of weather to expect over Christmas. Do you have tons of snow by then? Super low temps? For someone not familiar with the winters in your area, that might be a deterrent as well. Good luck with your search.