New listings .. but not new

I notice that a couple of sits in places I’m interested in for the next few months come up every few days/weeks as ‘New’ … but there’s nothing new about them (either the sits or the dates).

I’m guessing that sitters are re-posting them so they ‘seem’ newly posted (presumably due to lack of response). I find this a bit irritating as I’m not interested in the sits I’ve seem previously (which these are) and want to alerted to new sits.

Perhaps the Admins can advise?

Your observations are correct. It may be that they are being reposted, or have edited something that causes them to be listed again. Also owners who have standard or premium memberships can boost their listing as part of their membership package, which again posts them at the start as a new listing. I think the ‘new’ designation stays for 24 hrs.

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I’ve also noticed this and the thing I have seen is that it reposts as “new” when they add additional dates.

@Snowbird do you know if the “new” designation also appears if a HO rejects sitters from the initial pool of five applicants and the listing is unpaused? If so, then this is another issue with Pausing Applications that @Ben-ProductManager should consider. I’ve also noticed more “old” listings popping up in the “new” category.

They may have edited something to get them reposted as new but there’s definitely nothing new about the listing itself or dates, in the sits I’m talking about.

I think they are re-posting because they haven’t received any applicants, which is understandable but irritating nevertheless for sitters looking for genuinely ‘new’ listings.

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I wasn’t aware it was automatically paused after 5 applicants. I’ve seen listings with many more than that.

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@BJane The pausing of applications is relatively new. As soon as a HO has received five applications, the listing disappears. If a HO does not select a sitter from the original pool of five, she has to then reject some (maybe all?) of the applicants before the listing reappears. Perhaps it’s then relisted as “new”, which would explain why we’re seeing more “new” listings that aren’t actually new.

As you weren’t aware that applications are paused, this thread may be of interest: Pausing Applications Test


Hi @BJane and the only situation I know as a sitter is when a listing can be boosted in which case it will be reposted as NEW, or if a list is unfilled 7 days before a sit when it is also marked LAST MINUTE. Unfortunately us forum admins are generally only able to guide you to the most appropriate team members who can help and I think @Ben-ProductManager has already been tagged by Mary Kay so hopefully he’ll be looking into this and able to answer more comprehensively next week. Thanks for your patience over the weekend. Vanessa and the forum team


@Mary-Kay yes, if the owner unpauses it, the ‘new’ designation and placement at the front page does happen. I’ll add a link to a post where Therese answers this question:

After the listing is paused and unpaused

@BJane @Vanessa_A

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Thanks for your help @Snowbird!

In addition to answering my question, the first post is also relevant to the discussion about Pausing Applications. The HO wrote:

I ask because the only time we have had anything less than a pile of wonderful applicants are the two times I paused the listing, then unpaused it when the initial applicants didn’t work out.

While I understand that this post was written before the Pausing Applications Test, I wonder if other HOs who have had their listings automatically paused by THS are now experiencing fewer applicants after a listing is unpaused.

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Hi @Snowbird @Mary-Kay … this is an old link from 2021 that relates to the standard pausing and unpausing (easily done with all the threads we now have) but not to the “pausing applications” which is where I think Ben’s clarification is maybe required.

Thanks @Vanessa_A ! I look forward to reading @Ben-ProductManager 's clarification.

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I had posted a suggestion about this very issue back in August! Worth any upvotes?