After the listing is paused and unpaused

Hi I am wondering if anyone knows what happens to listings if they are paused and then unpaused? Does their status change somehow?

I ask because the only time we have had anything less than a pile of wonderful applicants are the two times I paused the listing, then unpaused it when the initial applicants didn’t work out.

In any case our Xmas-time sit in the SF Bay Area is sitting open for the first time ever, so if you want some nice weather and a million dollar view, please drop us a line.

Happy holidays everyone!

Hi Eric,

I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService who can connect with you when she’s next online, with suggestions for how you can promote your listing. I’m not a homeowner here, but I do know that some membership levels can bump their listings up to show at the start of the new listings again (I can’t remember the correct term). However, forum rules do not allow for direct links and you will be asked to delete it from this post. You can add it to your forum profile, or you can add details (city, dates) under the forum post on Christmas sits.

You’ll see on the forum there has been lots of discussion on how we’re still in different times because of the pandemic and that has affected listings in many ways. I hope things go well for you.

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Hi Eric,

I don’t know the answer to the pause/unpause question.
One obstacle to travel right now is the cost and availability of rental cars. Looks like a week’s rental in your area for that week is ~600+. HOs who include use of a car are likely getting more applications (where a car is necessary).

It’s also a bit unclear from the photos and description where the sitter would be sleeping (and the photos are pretty dark). If you read some of the recent forum posts, there are suggestions for adding enticing photos.

Of course, you have many excellent reviews so I imagine you’ll get some applications soon.

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@Katie Oh how interesting! The sitter can totally use one of our cars. Thanks!

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@Snowbird Thank you!

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My impression, as a sitter who lives in the Bay Area, is that demand for holiday sitters in our area is very high right now.
I see many, many sits listed that I would think would be highly valued by sitters with 0 to 7 applicants.

I’ve been getting a lot of invites and messages from Bay Area HOs who are reaching out proactively to find sitters for the next 2 months.

If you haven’t already, you could try reaching out to sitters who have favorited your sit profile, or who live in the area.

(I’m an experienced sitter, but new to this site… so I can’t compare the demand here this year to previous years. I also don’t know the answer to the “paused” question.)

Good luck, and happy holidays!

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Hi @ericbarnhill … In answer to question. If you haven’t secured a sitter yet, and you unpause your applications, (therefore you still have your dates), the system automatically boosts your listing … so you will see a New button above your photo. This means it is now on top of the website and emailed to all available sitters. If for some reason, you do not see that New Button, do get hold of us at membership services, so we can do this from our side. I hope this helps. Kind regards Therese


Hi @ericbarnhill welcome to our community forum and thank you to our members and @Therese-MembershipService for helping with your question, there is still time to find your sitters and it has to be said that tis year is different to past years where travel is concerned. You have a great opportunity for sitters and we hope you will have some great applications.

Thank you for joining us from Northern California, enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team