New pet additions after confirming

I booked a 3 week petsit, 24 days ago. 1 dog and 1 cat.

The owner messages me with a video to tell me she adopted 2 new kittens.

At first I replied that’s nice and make sure to update the animals for the sit.

I stewed for a few days and realized this is not right.

The agreement was 2 pets not 4. I find it frustrating, why do this 3 weeks before a vacation?

I searched topics here before posting.


This change doesn’t sit comfortably with you - which I totally understand

Here are some of your options:

*Go ahead with the sit with the additional kittens

*Cancel the sit altogether ( since the owners have changed the responsibilities in the original agreement- you are entitled to do this )

*Ask the owners to make alternative arrangements for the care of the kittens so that you can continue with the sit as originally planned .

Which of these options sits best with you ?

I suggest that you contact explaining the situation ( with screenshots of your conversations with HO ) and ask member services to back you up with your decision.


@GoldenGurl , the HO should have done what one of my HO’s did, ask you if it’s OK if they get kittens prior to the sit, to which I answered, yes. Then, a week or so before the sit, they checked with me again before going ahead and getting the kittens. All worked out great! The kittens lived in a crate most of the time and for a couple of hours each day I moved them to a room with a closed door so they could play freely. My sit was for one week, yours is for three, though. You should probably discuss your feelings with the owner and see how she wants them cared for and decide then how you want to proceed. @Silversitters has some very good suggestions.


Thank you, appreciate the feedback as well. All valid points to consider

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Thank you for those options, so clearly explained, appreciate it!

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I’ve had this. 2 cats originally so easier than a dog and a cat and a repeat sit so knew the 2 cats and home already. Then several weeks before the sit they got 3 kittens. It wasn’t planned (at least not then but the opportunity came up and these were the breed they wanted so a little bit of an impulse on their part). Kittens can be a lot of work even when they are on solid food (litter tray was a warzone).
I guess it’s down to how comfortable you are with very young kittens and an environment you don’t know. Sounds like you’ll been doing a lot of the early kitten work for them as well. I would say you’re within your rights to cancel especially if they have time to find a new sitter.

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That’s naughty @GoldenGurl - even if you love kittens they’re a lot of work and your ties to the house will increase, you can’t leave them for very long on their own. It’s also not on to just add them now and assume it’s okay. @mars’ scenario where they ask you first is way better. Totally up to you. If you really like the sit maybe ask them “Who will be looking after the kittens whilst you’re away?” and they may have a lightbulb moment and if they come back with “you will” then decide if you want to cancel as Ts and Cs have been altered for the sit. And yes, wise words as ever from @Silversitters on here too. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:


Hi @GoldenGurl
As others have intimated, you would be well within your rights to cancel the sit as it’s not what you signed up for. The owner should have asked you before getting the kittens.
I’ve had two experiences, with different outcomes.
One was a fairly recent sit in Australia (via a different website). I’d signed up to look after a dog. Sadly, a few weeks before I was due to sit the dog was ill and had to be put down. The owners immediately contacted me to tell me this and that they had a puppy asking if I’d be happy still to sit and that she would be trained by the time I arrived. I agreed, did the sit but she wasn’t fully trained.
The second scenario was a UK sit for people I’ve sat for before. They have two dogs, one quite elderly. After having agreed to a repeat sit in April next year they messaged to say they were thinking of getting a puppy and how would I feel. I said that as their two dogs had to have separate walks, a puppy would also have to have a separate walk and suggested that they cancel me and look for a couple. They said they’d wait to get the puppy until after I’d sat for them in April which was kind!


You “stewed” and find it “frustrating.” That sounds like you feel put upon (I would as well), so I’d suggest canceling the sit. Why: When we feel take advantage of as humans, it tends to stick with us after the fact. With THS, it’s supposed to be a fair exchange, not something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, especially when you walk in knowing that. And you have a choice. If you do go ahead with the sit, it’s better to remember that you’re actually choosing now.


@GoldenGurl That actually happened to my family on our first petsit. Confirmed 2 dogs and right before the start date, was told a puppy was added. If it were now, I would 99% decline. But back then I was new to the system and figured, “hey, it’s been 20 years since taking care of puppies. This will be fun” And it was fun but a ton of work. The entire family spent the week cleaning poop and urine off the floors, not getting sleep because of the whining, and the other 2 dogs didn’t like the puppy so we constantly had to keep them separated. It was a good learning experience and we finished that sit saying “if we could get through this, we can get through anything”


I’m a sitter, it isn’t what you agreed to, so unless I was keen to care for kittens as well I would probably ask her to find an alternative sitter, due to her change.

But also (depending on when she got the kittens, as she may have had them a while and forgot to inform you), I dislike the thought of someone being fully aware they were going away on holiday, and decided to get 2 new kittens just prior. They need to settle them into their new environment with people they know-know. If they were slightly older and used to the world it would be slightly different.

Appreciate sharing your story, I will be canceling


@GoldenGurl be sure to advise member services of the full situation so that it is not recorded against you as canceling without a good reason - screenshots of the conversations with the home owner should be sufficient “proof” of the reason .

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The HO declined my application, so all good!