New to Costa Rica

Hola!!! We have travelled from Bobcaygeon, Ontario Canada to Costa Rica for the winter and would love to hear from any of you on tips for finding house sitting experiences while here. Thank and and look forward to hearing from you.


There aren’t many TH sits in Costa Rica and the ones that do pop up are quite competitive. I am also from Ontario and would like to sit down there. I have an alert set for the country but by the time I get a notification, the sit is usually reviewing applications already so it’s not that useful.

However, since you are already in the country you would likely have an advantage over other sitters, so my advice would just be to keep checking regularly and be ready to apply quickly when you see a sit listed.

Good luck and enjoy the sun, I just got back from Mexico yesterday and am missing it already!

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We are sitting in San Jose airport waiting for our flight to Tambor. It’s the beginning of a month long sit near Montezoma, where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean. Well, that’s the way it’s been sold to us.
Like every sit on THS it’s a combination of many factors whether you are accepted or not.
Your application. Clear, current and viable.
Your profile. Likewise with lots of pictures and information on your experience with the animals listed
Your reviews and references.
If there is a connection. Look for one.
If your information gels.
It can even boil down to whether they like your photos and sheer luck.
It’s hard at the moment because we are all looking for that certain something and not all of us will find it. Be quick on the draw but no one can live 24/7 on the site. We have found compromise keeps us sane. And having enough in the bank to go to that special place and stay at an Airbnb.
Thoughts of a very lucky old woman who lives this wonderful life to the full.


@ElsieDownie you are at my favourite airport!! :sweat_smile: … and if you love coffee remember to stock up on Café Britt :coffee:

Thanks Lindsay for sharing your thoughts. All the best to you and I hope you get to enjoy the sun again soon.

Jane and Gord

Hi Elise, thanks for sharing the thoughts of a very lucky old woman (LOL) we appreciate it. All the best in Montezoma I hope it is wonderful. We are new to Trusted House Sitters and so far have been very successful in Canada on the Canadian site. I saw your profile and loved it. All the best to you and your husband and a Happy, Healthy New Year. Jane and Gord.

PS we are also sailors but never sailed the oceans just the lakes and great lakes in our area.

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