Nice to meet you all!...novice newbies here

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick post to introduce ourselves …we are Lisa & Eric, have been in Mazatlan, Mexico for over a year and are currently searching out some new travel destinations, especially back home in Ontario. We are (youngish), active, retired Canadians from our careers as a nurse and a contractor respectively.
We look forward to chatting with you!..Please feel free to offer any advice and/or guidance, we could certainly use the help as newbies.
Our most recent experience related to this forum has been caring for many streets cats/dogs in Mexico. We love caring for animals and luckily have had the opportunity to do so for a wide variety.
We are heading back to Ontario this Month (April) and are excited for our journey with Trusted Housesitters.

Mucho gusto (that means nice to meet you in Spanish…lol)
Lisa & Eric (aka trusty-tail sitters)


Hola! Welcome to the forum and THS. Love your photos

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awwww thank you so much …we are so excited to be a part of the THS family!

Hi hello Lisa and Eric,

Spring is barely started here in Toronto GTA, frosty and cool. Welcome home.

I am just finishing up my winter sits around Barrie, typically months long sits for Canadians snowbirding down south for the winter. (5th yr, full time sitter).

I am booked ahead for the next 6 months, usually 2-3 months in advance for longer sits. I dont do the short weekend/week long sits. Too many moves and gaps. I can camp out in my Dodge Caravan, but not in the winter.

Message or call if you want to chat about house sitting. I would love to hear about your Mexico experiences…for my travels next winter.


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Hello David!

How nice of you to connect with us. Thanks for the lovely invitation to chat. I’m sure we’ll have many questions and inquiries as we navigate our TSH journey.
We have been in Mazatlan for over a year, not house or pet sitting …have rented an apartment in the historical area. We have extremely enjoyed our stay, immersing ourselves in the culture, trying to pick up the language and thankful for the wonderful people and gorgeous weather.
We’ve decide it’s time to return home to Ontario and search for adventure there, hence our joining THS. What a fabulous forum! We are excited for what’s next!
Feel free to ask away about our time in Mazatlan, we love sharing our experience.
Warm regards,
Lisa & Eric


I am from Newfoundland originally but now living in Wales. The UK is a great place for house sitting; there are endless destinations to explore. Trains make it relatively easy to get around.
Enjoy your THS adventures. I can’t imagine life without it.


Move out day, chat soon. Gap next 3 days so camping out. Snow forecast -2C, so heading for cover in thick forest (public use county/crown land nearby).

I am in Uxbridge all summer Jun15-Sep15, ~45 min. east of downtown Toronto if we happen to cross paths, coffee, swap stories? My THS Profile link is in my header

Medical insurance travelling away from Canada is my biggest concern. Risk of a medical bankruptcy while in the US makes travel insurance mandatory for me (age63).

Q? What was your yearly medical expense?

Q? Any big surprises, joys, let-downs after settling down for a year away?

Q? Do Mexico again, or never again on your travel plans?


(Edited to remove profile link from comment as per posting terms, but it is available in the members forum profile :slight_smile: )

All the best for smooth sailing during your leaving day …we are just out and about right now …Will answer all your questions later this evening …chat later!
L & E

Hi Rhonda!

Thank you for your message! Oh wow…Eric is originally from Newfoundland too! If you have any tips or tricks in being a successful THS we would be grateful for the advice.
Safe travels, hope to chat again!

Best regards, Lisa & Eric

Hi David

Apologies for the late reply …hope you’re day went well and your on safely to your new adventure.
To answer your questions…
As for medical expenses …we haven’t had any …we are a pretty healthy couple ….here in Mazatlan the medical services are great …you can usually get a next day appointment with a general practitioner or specialist …the cost for a one time appointment to a family physician is around $40 Canadian …you just pay when you go …if you need lab work, X-ray etc these services are pretty affordable …it’s great that some of the doctors appreciate and utilize natural remedies as well pharmaceuticals …we don’t have any private medical insurance and thankfully haven’t required any …there are plenty of companies that provide health insurance for expats with various coverage at different price points of course

As for returning to Mexico …absolutely! This country is beautiful and we’ve only scratched the surface in seeing it …the people, weather, way/cost of living is superb…much less expensive than Canada, better quality food, less stressful way of life, sun shines nearly every day …we love everything about it …when we return we hope to check out the east coast
after spending some time at home
Our health has only improved since arriving last Jan …of course the max time you have on a Mexican tourist visa is 180 days, so we either popped home for a couple weeks or traveled to Guatemala to east that time frame
We highly recommend Mexico as a home away from home

Happy trails ,until we chat again,
Lisa & Eric

Hi Lisa,

Isn’t Eric lucky to come from such a beautiful, friendly place. :heart_eyes_cat:

Some useful things to keep in mind is to always research the area well in advance. And to read between the lines in the reviews of the house sit; reviewers are often hesitant to say anything negative so you sometimes need to see what isn’t being said. Hope that makes sense.

All our experiences have been very positive. The vast majority of our sits have been in the UK although this winter we will spend more time in France and Spain. UK winters are like perpetual autumn for a Canadian :innocent: but we will definitely need some sunny weather after this Christmas.

It would be lovely to meet up sometime.

Enjoy your THS adventures!


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Thank you Lisa,
You are the first traveller to suggest health insurance is optional for Mexico. I am also healthy, despite one long bout of flu with a positive Covid test. Would never risk US travel without insurance (~$500/mth typical quote, male, 63).

House sitting gaps for a full nomad traveller is an often discussed challenge. I just camp out in my van. Was windy, rainy last night, but am sheltered in thick forest. Two more nights out in the bush before my next sit starts Friday - I do not like gaps in the winter! But Owner returned a week early from death in the Family.

There is no contract for Free House Sitting exchange. Owners, and sitters may cancel without notice at any time. No remedy. Be prepared to be flexible. Only two ‘returned early’ in my 5 yrs of full time sitting.

Typical tips getting started worked for me. I applied locally and visited for interviews with Owners. A two hr friendly visit with pet routine walkthru, has always let to Sit Confirmed!(only 1 cancelled a Confirmed sit - cat medical heart condition required 4 pills orally).

You can request External References for your profile before you have Completed Sit Reviews. A long distance sit with a First Time Owner will be a challenge. I always offer to video call. Nervous women Owners usually video me. I follow up with short Youtube video clips of pets I have sat for.

Nervous Owners usually want regular communication after they leave. So sending pics and vids of pets by Whatsapp is my standard procedure. I upload longer vids to Youtube, privacy set to “Link Only”, then share the Youtube link with Owner.

Caring for pets and homes is easy for me. I have had my own my entire life. Just Show and Tell. Add your THS profile link to your Forum Username header when you are ready for more feedback. I find people generally give help when asked. Good Luck.

Hi Rhonda!

I’ve never been to Newfoundland or the east coast of Canada but Eric tells me all the time of the how beautiful landscape is.
Thank you so much for all the great advice. At this point we don’t know what we don’t know so any tips and tricks are welcomed.
It would be great to meet up sometime …we have accepted 2 house/pet sits in Ontario already for most of the summer…we are so lucky to have had such a wonderful experience so far.
Happy Trails & Tails!
Lisa & Eric :airplane: :luggage: :dog:

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Hi David!

Hope you are settled and happy in your new housesit. I can’t thank you enough for all the great advice and info. As newbies we don’t know, what we don’t know yet :rofl:
We have been blessed to have 2 confirmed house/pet sits in Ontario taking up most of the summer already. …but like you said, nothing is written in stone …fingers crossed there won’t be any glitches to the plans.

…we appreciate your time and sharing your knowledge from experience…
it’s always best to have an arsenal of info in your back pocket

many thanks,
Lisa & Eric :smile:

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Yes, I am now checked into my Goodwood farm sit. Two senior dogs, but most of the time they are outside in their kennels. A few farm cats running around, but wild and unapproachable.

It takes me a few days to set up in a new house and adjust. I have a folding desk for my laptop with view of the pond. Ducks and Canada Geese finding nest spots. Glimpsed a muskrat - too fast for a pic.

I hiked to the back of the 90 acres with the more active dog - a Setter/Pointer mix who hunts for mice in the fields. Warm days ahead.

Life is good and stable for the next two weeks of this sit. Then off to Ottawa area for May 1st for 6 weeks. Back here 3 months of summer.

Moving back and forth, exploring new areas - this is the Life of a House Sitter. Yes I am content getting all the joys of a country house without paying too big a price in demanding pet care. Full time Nomad now.


Take care Lisa and Eric!

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Hi David!
Again, my apologies for the delayed response …I don’t find it very easy to find new messages so I can reply…the site seems easy enough to use so it must be the user :joy:…sounds like a nice house sit …peaceful …we fly home in 2 weeks time just as your heading to Ottawa I guess …we are excited for our very first pet/housesit starting April 29 …trying to soak up all the Mazatlan sun we can before we leave!
Enjoy your time with the 2 doggos as well as peace and quiet surroundings
Be well and best wishes,
Lisa & Eric :blush:

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Morning Lisa,

Your updated Forum profile link seems to direct to the “THS Refer a Friend” page, not to your paid THS Member profile.

When you post here on the Forum asking for feedback, the only way readers can find your paid THS Member profile for review is with your link on your Forum profile.

The Forum policy doesnt allow posting THS Member links in posts or comments.

Enjoy your Mazatland sun! Toronto Ontario warming up now after a bleak & cold week of April showers.


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Hey Dave!

I can’t thank you enough for catching the error of the wrong link to our profile. I do believe I have corrected it now …please feel free to check up on me :rofl: Happy to hear the weather has turned for the better back home …T-11 days until we are home.

thanks again or your help!
Lisa :grinning:

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Profile looks good! Nice pet pics of a responsible couple. I am sure you are well on your way!

  • Dave
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