New to Forum but not to TH, rural Norfolk UK

Hello, I recently discovered this forum, which looks great! Members of TH since March 2018, my husband and I travel a lot to visit our three grown up children who live in far flung spots. We have always had excellent sitters who cared wonderfully for our two dogs. Sadly, we only have one at the moment, but she is a lovely, easy pet to care for.

Looking forward to exchanging information on here…



Hi and welcome @NorfolkGirl it’s great that you found our community forum, so sorry to hear that you have lost one of your pet family, it’s always so hard, I’m sure she was beloved by her sitters too, we always get so attached to the pets we care for.

Thank you for sharing your THS story so far and welcome again.

Angela and the Team

Hi and welcome to the Forums Lesley :wave:
I’m actually from the Norfolk(Virginia, US) across the huge pond :wink: I’m sorry to hear one of your pups had passed. I do wish you the best if your search for a sitter, should you have any questions, this is a great place to ask.
-Deb :heart: