Andrew & Carole from Devon, England

Hi, we’re new to the forum and THS, looking forward to joining the community as sitters. We relocated to Devon in 2010 with two beautiful working cockers and two adult children. We lived in part of a country house and estate so were able to enjoy long walks with the dogs.

The dogs enjoyed their life but have now both sadly passed away and we miss them terribly. The children have flown the nest and have dogs of their own so we get to sit as grandparents to their dogs. When we found out about THS we thought it is now the ideal time for us to travel and to combine that with caring for others homes and dogs is a bonus.

We are looking forward to being active members of the community and any advice from members would be most welcome.


Welcome, it’s a wonderful way to get your much needed and wanted pet fix, meet people from all over the world and spend time in places that you’ve never visited before. Hope it’s not too long before you are enjoying your first sit.

Welcome @Worldwideweb - It’s an amazing way to live and enjoy the company of animals yet still have the freedom to explore and travel. Best of luck with booking some fabulous sits :raised_hands:

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Thank you @Daisy999 for your kind wishes.

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Thank you for your response @Cuttlefish. It’s great to be welcomed into the community and we look forward to sharing our sitting experiences!