Hi our Introduction from Nr Brighton on the Sussex South coast of England

Hi We are Chris & Jan members since 2016. Started having our dear old cat sat and in the last few years since our loved one passed at a grand old age we have sat for others.

We have had some wonderful adventures and been to some amazing places we would otherwise not have discovered and most of all sat with some amazing pets.

We live in Sussex UK south of England


Hi Jan & Chris … welcome to the forum, it was great chatting with you earlier … members since 2015 you will have lots of memories and wisdom to share and we can’t wait to get to know you better.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members from around the world.

Thanks Angela lovely to chat

Yes it will also be fun to explore the forum to see what it is all about

Thanks again


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Hi @mistycat , I joined THS the same way you did back in 2015, first as an owner for my elderly cat, and then as a sitter after she passed on. I love what THS has allowed me to do and long for the day when Aussies can once again head north to your beautiful country.

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Hi there, we used to live in West Sussex, before moving to Shropshire nearly 9 years ago. We used to come down to Brighton every Sunday morning to cycle around the marina and along to Hove. I’m pleased you’re enjoying house sitting :grin::+1: