New to THS need help!

Hi my name is Jo and we have just joined THS. We are hoping to go away beginning of Feb but so far have had no takers on our listing. I know it’s early days but as we need to confirm flights just wondered how many people should I be reaching out to as it’s only 3 weeks away?? Should I try to find someone local to see how our elderly dog reacts… so many questions. Hopefully someone can help!!!


Hi @Jo-Andy and welcome to the forum! You came to the right place. It’s definitely not too early to post your listing for an early February trip. My first suggestion is to link your listing here, to your forum profile. You are not permitted to put the link in the body of your message but it can appear in your profile when someone clicks on your username.

Here are the instructions:

[How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile]

Once you have done that, ask for feedback from the forum members. We will tell you what is good about your listing and what might need to be added or changed.

You can also reach out to sitters within driving distance to your home first and send them an invitation. Due to covid complications — ever-changing travel restrictions, potential illness and flight cancellations, many people are not anxious to fly to a sit right now, so looking a little closer to home is a good idea.

Another suggestion is to make a car available to your sitter.

We have discussed this in the past. If you click on the spyglass (on the upper right if you are on the website) and enter search terms, you will find more information on the topic. Here’s a start:

, but do add your listing to your profile. You will get great feedback and someone here may even apply.

Good luck!

Hi @Jo-Andy welcome to our community forum and I see you have had a wonderful response with some great advice from @mars already, her suggestion of adding the listing link to your forum profile is such a good one for a number of reasons, as she points out.

Your listing is great, Tia is adorable and perhaps add some more internal pics, kitchen etc., You don’t say if sitters need a car or not, is this because there is good public transport as you you do say there is much to see and do in the area. Are there shops and amenities close by?

These are different times and I know you will be eager to arrange your sitters as soon as possible but there is still time.

Welcome again and if you need to ask any questions at all please don’t hesitate … you will get as much help as you need from our community.

Angela and the Team

Thanks Angela, that’s great to know and really helpful. We will re-look at our profile and add things as we go along.Fingers crossed.Jo

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Hi @Jo-Andy and welcome. Great help, as always, from @mars. However, I just tried the link in your username and it’s not connecting for me. If it is a broken link, then delete it and step through the process again. If you have any troubles, you can direct message me by clicking on my username and using the green message option.

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we are in the U.S., so can’t help you as sitters (but we hope to be in UK July - Sept.)
However, try contacting sitters in your region. We were surprised when we got our first “invite”. Didn’t even realize we could be invited. We have had several, a couple we have done, others we simply couldn’t. You never know.

I feel really guilty. I received an invitation the other day from @Jo-Andy as I am local. I advised that we liked to travel and didn’t carry out local sittings (the location is 28 miles from us in an area that I know )
I hadn’t read this thread at that time so was not aware that you had been advised to invite people within driving distance. You may be feeling confused now but, as I said in my response, there will be many sitters who would love to look after Tia.
Good luck

@Itchyfeet , I am like you. Normally I am only interested in traveling a bit further, but during these times I prefer something I can drive to. Local for me is something 40+ miles away. Closer than that in most cases is too local for me.

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Don’t worry it’s fine. It’s when people contact you and then decline… don’t get it. We’re still hoping for a sitter 9-19th May… getting desperate now though🙈 x

We need an URGENT sitter for our lovely 16 yr old Patterdale Tia. We have tried various dates in May but finally had to book flights as there prices were getting higher and higher! We need to travel to check on building work which should have been completed in February. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Jo

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Hi @Jo-Andy I have had a look at your listing and it looks great, and you have 3 excellent reviews from recent sitters, which will help.

Since your dates have only just been listed, I think you need to give it a couple of days, but after that, @Angela-HeadOfCommunity or @Vanessa-ForumCMgr would possibly be able to help by posting your listing on THS social media sites to help raise the profile, but they don’t normally do that until 7 days before the start date.


@Jo-Andy I looked at the listing too.

Sitters: this is a family-friendly listing where a car is not needed to enjoy the location. The listing does show the dates as May 9 - 19, so that would need to be clarified. Hopefully someone is available. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi thanks for replying. My listing has been on a while for May but I’ve slightly altered the dates. We have now had to book flights so these are definite and now quite urgent. I’ve reached out to so many but nothing. Getting quite desperate now. Jo

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Changing the dates has pushed it to the front of the queue, it shows on the THS site as “new” and “last-minute” so even that helps.

Hope you get someone soon.


Hi yes thought we’d got someone who messaged offering to sit but when I accepted they declined. To say gutted is an understatement. Here’s hoping there is someone out there!!

Hi @Jo-Andy I’m wondering whether you offered the sit without having any email ‘chat’ beforehand. I realize you’ve had sitters before, but I also realize you are coming close to your leaving date and so may not be using your usual processes.

The reason I ask is that if someone applies, they usually want to have some back and forth with questions, in some format. If I applied and was automatically offered the sit, it would feel strange to me. Perhaps email the person who declined and politely ask if there was some reason about your listing that had them change their mind, or if you could answer any questions they might have. I’d take that approach, just in case there was just a misunderstanding. It doesn’t hurt to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Yes I offered a chat but in the meantime accepted. He said he’d already confirmed a sit. Random but we’ll move on. Thanks for getting back. Regards Jo