New to TrustedHouseSitters, Travelling to NYC!

Welcome to the forum, @beth.7 !

Have you gotten your first sit yet? As @ElsieDownie suggests, try to get local sits to start, especially those that are last minute and/or low applications. It also helps if you can meet the pet owner in person first, at least for your first or even your second sit, to give them confidence in your ability. Here are a couple of topics you might want to read:

If you want help on improving your profile, add it to your forum profile and members here will give you feedback. Here are the instructions:
How to add a listing or profile to your forum profile

Start searching New York sits, include some of the other boroughs too, and click on the little heart in the right-hand corner. That way you will be notified as soon as they post new dates. Just make sure you have opted in for emails and notifications in your settings.

Also read topics about writing a good application. Here’s one:

I know I gave you a lot of homework!