New Zealand house sit

Does anyone know if a house sit in New Zealand would count as one of the reasons you would be allowed into the country? I would pay for the quarantine and do the time if that meant that we were allowed in as a non-citizen. The government site says that an “employer” can write a letter to try to get you in, but I am not sure if a house sit would count…

I would doubt it very much.
It is almost impossible to get into Australia or NZ right now.
My sister in law travelled home to Wales recently from Australia, to be with her mum in her final days, and, although she is now an Australian citizen and her young children and husband are in Australia, she cannot return until at least January - there is a queue.

Also it is recomended that you do NOT say you are house sitting when travelling to some countries, it can be seen a working, and that is not allowed without the relevant work visa etc.

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This has been my experience as well.

Even to say you are volunteering can be viewed as displacing opportunities for locals.