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I’ll add a link here to @Petermac’s handy instructions:

How to send a direct message.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you.

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My pup isn’t used to being alone for more than 40 minutes, and I tell sitters this; plus the fact that, with me away, I’d prefer him not to be left at all.

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@Vicki64Vito20 , this is important to know, so do state this in your listing. Is your dog small? I am watching a toy poodle who is never to be left alone. This is not that difficult because I) we’re both in love with her, 2) she has a great car seat and sling-type pet carrier and 3) my husband and I are a tag team so while I’m out, he’s home with her and v.v.

I am a sitter and expect that the homeowner doesn’t want their animal left for extended periods of time. I am applying for sits so I can have a more local experience and know I have responsibilities for the pet.

A couple of options:

  1. One of our homeowners offered an option for doggy daycare where we could “check-in” the dog if we were going to be gone for more than 5 hours. There was one day where we were visiting a National Park that didn’t allow dogs. We happily used the daycare option and paid for it ourselves so we could visit the park.
  2. We have planned a vacation before the pet sit where we have our own agenda and can do whatever we want without obligation for the animal. This has also worked out well as we arrived a good week in advance of the petsit, and ensured our international homeowner that we would arrive in advance of the sit.

I think you would have lots of interest with your location. I say sign-up!